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PXR Web3, the crypto marketing agency on its way to global leadership

Milan, Italy, July 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PXR Web3 - the crypto marketing agency for Web3, metaverse and blockchain projects - is on its way to become the leading agency in the market. It's currently providing clients with 2 main services:

  1. Marketing strategy. Which consists of the set of skills and tools to structure a well defined marketing plan and reach the growing goals of the web3 startups. The plan and the team is managed by a CMO or Marketing Manager.
  2. Marketing operations. Which consists of the set of skills and tools to bring the marketing to the ground. This means providing a social media team to manage all the communication, a graphic design team for the visual identity of the brand, a community team to engage the community and an advertising team to outreach the audience and make the product/crypto accessible to as many customers as possible. 

Marketing for crypto and token IDOs

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PXR Web3 is specialized in marketing for crypto & tokens launch. The key of the successful IDOs - managed by the agency in terms of marketing - is a well defined media mix consisting of:

  1. Contents creation and social media management
  2. Influencers & Key Opinions Leaders (KOLs) activities 
  3. Advertising running on the main platforms such as Google or Twitter
  4. Whitelisting and airdrop campaigns to increase the value of the crypto/token before the IDO.
  5. PRs and organic contents to cover the main digital outlets
  6. SEO & keywords planning to position the project on the top
  7. Community growth and guerrilla marketing to grow organically 

The agency has been working with several exchanges to run co-marketing campaigns pre and post IDOs.

Clients & Projects

PXR Web3 is the brand of PXR Italy, the Marketing Consulting Firm with global exposure from many years. PXR Web3 already has many active clients, leaders in their respective sectors, and it is currently behind some actual important campaigns in the industry:

  • Cloudname. Cloudname is the first marketplace to integrate Web2 & Web3 domains trading which has just partnered with one of the leading companies for crypto domains in the primary market. 
  • Freename. Freename is the Web3 domains company which allows users to register and mint on the blockchain their own top level domains such as .freename. The project will launch officially in the second half of the year but users can pre-register already.

Among the clients of PXR Web3 there are also investment funds and venture capitals which advise their startups to adopt PXR services to maximize the ROI through marketing.


The success of the marketing managed by PXR Web3 is demonstrated by data:

  • ICO/IDO average success rate: x4. It means the value of the coins reaches +300% immediately after the coin/token launch.
  • Social media followers: +4,200% average increase in a span of 3 months. 
  • Active users: on average +200% after only 1 week campaign.

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