Best 5G Penny Stocks Right Now

As the 5G rollout continues, these 5G stocks show promise of moving up the charts.

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February 20, 2024

UTStarcom Holdings (NASDAQ:UTSI)

UTStarcom Holdings Corp operates as a telecom infrastructure provider. It develops technology for bandwidth from cloud-based services, mobile, streaming, and other applications. The range of solutions is designed to expand and modernize telecommunications networks through smooth network system integration, lower operating costs, and increased broadband access. The business activity of the firm is operated through the Equipment and Service segment. The Equipment segment is focused on equipment sales, including network infrastructure and application products, and the Service segment is engaged in providing services and support of equipment products and also the new operational support. The company operates in China, India, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries

Last update: 5:01PM (Delayed 15-Minutes)
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Vol / Avg.668.000 / 3.396KMkt Cap30.402M
Day Range3.090 - 3.10052 Wk Range2.500 - 4.750

Globalstar (AMEX:GSAT)

Globalstar Inc is a telecommunications company that derives revenue from the provision of mobile satellite services. Mobile satellite services are typically used by customers where existing terrestrial wireline and wireless communications networks are impaired or do not exist. The company provides communications services such as two-way voice and data transmission. In addition, one-way data transmission is also offered. Both services are offered using mobile or fixed devices. The company is an owner of satellite assets. The company generates the vast majority of its revenue within the United States.

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Vol / Avg.643.519K / 4.805MMkt Cap3.199B
Day Range1.670 - 1.71052 Wk Range0.854 - 2.130


Wireless Telecom Group Inc designs and manufactures radio frequency (RF) and microwave-based products for wireless and advanced communications industries. It focuses on manufacturing a wide selection of RF passive components and integrated subsystems for signal conditioning and distribution in the wireless infrastructure markets, particularly the in-building wireless solutions industry, radio base-station market and medical equipment sector. It also designs and produces electronic test and measurement equipment including power meters, audio and modulation meters, intermodulation test equipment. The company markets its products under the Microlab, Boonton, Noisecom, CommAgility and Holzworth brands.

Vol / Avg.- / -Mkt Cap-
Day Range- - -52 Wk Range- - -


Borqs Technologies Inc operates as a software development company. It is engaged in software, development services, and products providing customizable, differentiated, and scalable Android-based smart connected devices and cloud service solutions. The company’s segments include Yuantel and Connected Solution. Borqs derives most of its revenues from its Connected Solution which includes Software and Hardware. Its geographical segments include China, India, the United States, and the Rest of the World, of which the majority of the revenue comes from India.

Vol / Avg.- / -Mkt Cap-
Day Range- - -52 Wk Range- - -

The penny stock market is like the minor leagues in professional baseball. In this space, former high- and mid-priced stocks compete for the possibility of returning to a higher level. Also, it is where new stocks vie for a big break.  That's why it's so important to know the best 5G penny stocks to invest in.

The emergence of 5G — 5th generation — communication technology has energized investor interest in 5G penny stocks. Any company with a connection to super-fast 5G communication technology has a chance of sharing in the growth. Are you interested? Here is a list of these penny stocks with great growth potential.

Quick Look at the Best 5G Penny Stocks:

Overview: 5G Penny Stocks

Investors once considered penny stocks to be any security trading under $1. The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 changed that. The Securities Exchange Commission used this law to establish the penny stock trading rules and set the penny stock price classification at $5 and under. You can trade these stocks over the counter (OTC) or through any of the major exchanges. 

Penny stocks’ low prices allow easy acquisition. This helps investors control their risk while gaining exposure to possible exponential gains. In many cases, you can buy 5,000 shares of a penny stock for $200 — $0.04 per share. A $0.20 per share increase would give you a 500% profit or $1,200. If the company goes bankrupt, you only lose $200. 

Installing 5G super-fast networks has the power to boost the fortunes of technology and telecom companies — big and small. Penny stocks provide investors a low-cost way to share in this growth. 

Trading in the penny stock market, however, can be highly risky. Relying on luck and tips is a strategy for failure. 5G penny stock trading requires you to be as informed as you can.

Best Online Brokers for 5G Stock

Finding relevant information on certain penny stocks can be challenging. By providing extensive research material and historical data, online brokers can help you improve your due diligence. Here’s a list of some of the best online brokers.

Features to Look For in 5G Stock

  • Earnings per share: Many 5G penny stocks have poor earning-per-share numbers. However, this metric is a good way to access the strength of the 5G company. It earmarks the amount of money available to pay shareholders after discounting all expenses, taxes and deductions. The calculation for the earnings per share is the net income minus the preferred stock dividend divided by the outstanding stockholder shares.
  • Transparency: When investigating a penny stock, get accurate information. Exchange-traded penny stock companies must meet minimum listing standards. However, over-the-counter (OTC) traded companies have no minimum requirements. Some of the companies haven’t built a track record yet. Others may have products in the development stages. Either way, your risk factor tends to be lower with transparent 5G penny stocks. 
  • Net revenue: Net income is a sound financial measure of success for a 5G stock. It is the amount of revenue remaining after you subtract all deductions, taxes and costs. Many times, it is the most solid metric you can find for many 5G stocks. Net income can give you a good indication of a penny stock’s past performance. But, it only hints at how a stock will do in the future. Use it with other factors. 

Qualities of a 5G Penny Stocks Investor

The penny stock market can be treacherous for the unprepared and reckless. It takes an investor with a high-risk tolerance to trade these securities. Developing a good risk management strategy will serve you well. With the proper preparation, you can use 5G penny stocks to gain exposure to the growth potential of the 5G era.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a 5G penny stock?


5G penny stocks are shares in companies that are associated with 5G and are very affordable.


Are 5G penny stocks a good investment?


5G communications continue to grow, so 5G penny stocks can be a great investment as long as you do your due diligence and research the stock before investing.


What are some good 5G penny stocks?


Benzinga offers a list of recommended 5G penny stocks above.