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Optimizing Corporate Finance With Management Software


The contemporary global financial system is measured at speeds of microseconds, giving rise to the demand of effective financial management software technologies in order to stay competitive, secure and financially relevant in today's digitally dominated environment. Advanced financial management software is quickly becoming a key component in the revolution of corporate treasury systems. Financial management software is providing companies a number of invaluable fiscal resources, such as the ability to streamline banking transactions, provide and access immediate and real time reporting systems, mitigate and preempt potential fraud, balance and manage financial transactions, effectively support customer and supplier workflows, and improved cash flow forecasting. A wide variety of today's growing and established corporations are reaping the benefits of a strongly developed financial management software system.


Paris based company Arianespace, founded in 1980, is the world's first commercial satellite launch company. As a global institution, the potential for financial fraud poses a quantifiable and costly risk to the company's financial security. In order to mitigate and lessen exposure to the risks associated with financial fraud, Arianespace implemented finical management software. The addition of this treasury management systems has allowed the company to conduct, monitor and check transfers, providing additional security for potential exchange-based fraud. It also allowed Arianespace to integrate banking communications, helping the company move towards international standards and avoid substantial future investments. Implementing avant-garde treasury management software permanently eliminated the need for traditional paper-based checking and banking transfers. Digitizing these transactions and electronically managing banking solutions allowed for immediate optimization in tracking and security. This ensures Arianespace's ability to track, monitor and process an ever growing influx of financial transactions in real time. The financial software implementation helped in significantly reducing the companies exposure to fraudulent banking.  


With 11 entities based in 11 countries, business trade credit institution CGA turned to financial management software with the intention of strengthening the range of supply chain finance and reverse their corporation's factoring solutions global suppliers. With a fully developed treasury management system CGA automated and securely managed all financial flows, providing customers with a robust and feature-rich platform. CGA utilized supply chain finance management software to provide clients more effective access and functionality with additional security protocols to ensure segregated client data security. Financial software enabled CGA the ability to direct a significantly larger focus on building strong and strategic client relations. Financial management software systems provided CGA robust reverse factoring. Acting as a multi-bank portal, the software facilitated a synergistic single integrated platform system connecting buyers, suppliers and banks. Software provided the company access to early payment financing for supplier invoicing with fully transparent invoicing approved by the buyer. Suppliers can now request early payment financing, allowing for multiple invoices, from approved financial entities. As opposed to a single-bank program, advanced treasury management software provided a multi-bank portal, greatly reducing credit risk and limit constraints.

Horizon BCBSNJ

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, a nonprofit and the largest health insurer in the state, is dedicated to providing comprehensive health services. Horizon BCBSNJ updated their financial software systems with the directive to improve the forecasting of cash flows, automate internal and external reporting and the generation of accounting entries. Through specifically designed financial software systems, Horizon BCBSNJ found high performance IT support and disaster recovery in their new on-demand based software systems. New management software systems strengthened the company's reporting and forecasting capabilities. With the system's inherent feature rich forecasting tool, Horizon BCBSNJ's cash management operations became more efficient, enabling the nonprofit to refocus the company's resources previously dedicated to transaction processing, on analytics. 

In order to ensure fiscal strength and security, today's growing and established companies and corporations continue to turn to fully developed financial treasury software systems. New software systems are helping to revolutionize the complex treasury needs of some of the planet's most diverse entities. For any company looking to improve and streamline their treasury management solutions, advanced software is proving its value. By providing solutions for complex problems, such as cash and liquidity, financial transactions, risk management, payments, trade solutions, transparency, and better banking relations financial management software systems are helping some of today's fastest growing companies reach their true potential.  

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