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Commercial Printing Market - Global Industry Analysis And Forecast 2014 - 2020


Commercial printing industry refers to the services offered by printing industry for commercial applications. Commercial printing services include binding, composition, layout, graphic design, plate making and press production. Commercial printers are used to construct phone books, magazines, labels, catalogs, advertising brochures, newspaper inserts, corporate reports, direct mail marketing, for printing financial documents, business forms, promotional materials and training manuals. Besides paper printing, printing presses also print on apparels, textile products, metal, glass and plastics.

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Most of the commercial printing units offer multiple services such as design and prepress; printing; finishing that include binding, cutting, and folding along with fulfillment including storing, packaging and shipping. Services included in commercial printing are lithographic printing, screen printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing, book printing, quick printing, loose leaf binding, prepress and trade binding services.

Offset technology is the most widely used commercial printing technology. However, there is a shift in trend presently in commercial printing from offset technology to digital high speed inkjet technology. The transformation is due to the fact that inkjet is more effective and efficient way to print mails and other complex personalized messages than the offset technology. Reduced costs for color printing and better return on investments are some of the other advantages that has resulted in wide doption of inkjet technology. The demand for commercial printing is majorly driven by advertising needs of businesses such as advertising firms and the volume of commercial printing is highly dependent on the growth of the economy, particularly the consumer spending power.

Large printing presses gain profitability by bulk buying materials such as ink and paper, thus serving a large customer base nationwide and making effective use of presses. However, small press companies compete by offering a service to specific applications. The demand for printing services is recurring and depends on economic activities in the country, owing to which major players are prepared for demand fluctuations by deploying multifunctional printing equipment that caters to the demand of various printing applications.. Currently, the commercial printing market is facing many challenges. Digital technology is a major threat to the commercial printing market. Prices for digital printing are reducing below the offset printing prices, owing to which companies that delays to shift to digital printing are expected to be at risk.

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