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Global Elevator and Escalator Market Report: 2014 Edition – New Report by Koncept Analytics


The Global Elevator and Escalator Market Report: 2014 Editionby Koncept Analytics presents an exhaustive study of the global elevator and escalator market elucidating global market dynamics.

Year after year, the global Elevator and Escalator (E&E) market’s dependence on the Chinese market has remained unidirectional, i.e. upwards. The country now boasts of the single largest E&E market in the world and has also been occupying larger territories in global market share even outpacing its peers in the developed world. In terms of annual installations, the country’s share has risen from just over half of the global market to over two-thirds of the same. Moreover, the country has also managed to strengthen its share in the global E&E installed base which in recent years has risen from a mere tenth of the market to almost a quarter. Relentless emphasis on the construction sector of the economy by the authorities; an aging population; and an unprecedented and sustained level of higher economic growth for well over three decades has supported this transformation.

As per the report, “ Global Elevator and Escalator Market : 2014 Edition”, apart from the rise of China, other crucial elements molding the global market include an aging installed base of the developed markets, particularly that of Europe, and a phenomenal rise in the number of high rises. According to estimates, over the last four years, 36 super tall (300 meters and above) buildings were added which comprise nearly half the total number of supertalls that now exist (77) in the world. However, weaker growth in the developed markets, especially for new installations, packed with environmental and safety concerns detracts the global market from realizing its potential growth.

Major regional and faster growing markets have also been presented. The report throws light on the major players that are shaping the industry: their market standing and business strategies against the backdrop of overall competitive landscape of the industry which have also been presented.

The report also encompasses the major trends, growth drivers as well as issues being faced by the global industry. Recent as well as future developments affecting the industry have also been presented. By deploying SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities, future growth prediction in terms of value of the industry has also been analyzed in the report. 


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List of Charts

Life Cycle of the E&E Market Equipments
Supply Chain Analysis
Value Chain Analysis 
Global E&E Market by Value (2006-2013E)
Global E&E Market Revenue by Segment (2013E)
Global Maintenance Market (2006-2013E)
Global E&E Installed Base (2005-2013)
Global E&E Installed Base by Region (2013)
Global New Installation Market (2003-2013E)
Global New Installation Market by Region (2013)
China’s Share in Global Market (2013)
China’s E&E Market Product Structure (2012)
E&E Installed Base in China (2000, 2009-2013)
E&E New Installation in China (2009-2013E)
E&E Installed Base, Asia Pacific (2009-2013)
E&E New Installation, Asia Pacific (2009-2013)
E&E Installed Base, EMEA (2009-2013)
E&E New Installation, EMEA (2009-2013)
E&E Installed Base in North America (2009-2013)
E&E New Installation in North America (2009-2013)
E&E Installed Base in South America (2009-2013)
E&E New Installation in South America (2009-2013)
E&E New Installation Share by Region/Country (2009-2013)
E&E Installed Base Share by Region/Country (2009-2013)
E&E Installed Base in Select Country (2012)
+20-Years-Old E&E Units, China (2010, 2012, 2020E & 2030E)
Global GDP (2001-2013)
World GDP per Capita (2005-2013)
Number of Tall Buildings (2000-2015E)
Global Ageing Population (2007-2013)
Ageing Population in China (2008-2014)
Comparison of Aging Population (2012)
Global Urban Population (2004-2013)
Global Urban Population (2000-2050E)
Global Elevators Market Share by Company (2012)
Maintenance Base by Key Companies (2013)
China’s Elevator Market Share (2012)
Revenue Share by Business Segments, UTC (2013)
Revenue Share by Region, UTC (2013)
Revenue and Net Income, UTC (2010-2013)
Annual Revenue, Otis, UTC (2010-2013)
Revenue by Regions, Schindler (2013)
Schindler’s Revenues and Net Profit (2010-2013)
Revenue Share by Business, KONE (2013)
Revenue Share by Region, KONE (2013)
Revenues and Net Income, KONE (2010-2013)
Revenue Share by Business Segment, ThyssenKrupp (2012/13)
Revenue Share by Region, ThyssenKrupp (2012/13)
ThyssenKrupp’s Revenues and Net Income (2009/10-2012/13)
Revenue, Elevator Technology (2009/10-2012/13)
Global E&E Market Forecast (2007-2017F)


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List of Tables

Dependent & Independent Variables (2007–2013)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output 


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