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4 Reasons Street Food Catering Is Good For Business


Behind any great event is great catering. Whether it’s a networking event, a corporate party or the annual Christmas blow out, people will always remember what the food was like. Traditionally, the catering at business parties and events is offered in one of two ways: a buffet or a sit down meal. Both are safe options, but both are also – let’s face it – a little bit dated. If you are a forward-thinking business in search of a different approach to catering, street food is the perfect solution. Here are four reasons why.

  • Street Food is Cheap
    Cost is always a major factor in arranging any sort of business event and you will naturally be looking to keep catering expenditure to a minimum. One of the great benefits of street food is that overheads are incredibly low. Where most events demand expenses for tables, chairs, dinnerware, waiter service and, of course, the food itself, street food packs everything into one trailer – food, equipment, service, everything!  Because costs are kept low, vendors are also able to provide the very best local, sustainable ingredients and not charge over the odds. 
  • Street Food is Unique

    Unlike the traditional buffets and sit down meals offered at most corporate events, street food offers something exciting and unique. People expect to go to events and be provided with standard sandwiches and vol au vents or three course meals; they definitely do not expect a street food menu! With street food, you can portray your business as one that embraces new ideas and is not restricted by boring traditions. Taking this unique approach to catering will ensure that guests are left with a lasting memory of the event and of your business. 

  • Street Food is Social

    Corporate parties and networking events are supposed to be about bringing people together, promoting interaction, and offering a fun time; this is something you rarely get at formal events. With street food, there are no tables, no prearranged seating arrangements, and no waiters who would rather be somewhere else – there is simply a group of people standing around. Moreover, when people are standing around with a pulled pork bun in hand, guess what happens. They mingle!  At sit down events, you get to chat to the people around your table; at street food events, you get to talk to everyone. Street food catering offers a casual, relaxedatmosphere that other types of catering just cannot match.

  • Chef-to-Guest Interaction

    When at a traditional sit down corporate event do you ever get to see the chef at work, interacting with customers? Never. Okay, so you might meet a chef in the planning of an event, but your guests have no idea who is cooking up their food. Street food offers the chef-to-guest interaction that both parties enjoy and it adds a personal touch to the whole experience. Guests get to see the chef in action – cooking food with no room for error – and the chef gets to see the satisfaction on the faces of guests as they tuck into that freshly grilled gourmet burger.

  • There are many street food catering companies in London and around the UK that can make your business party or corporate event successful and one to remember. 
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