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Your Business Type Explains Arezu Sabreze


Everyone wants to become millionaires – the biggest motivator to start a business. But many people have no clear idea how to and what type of business to start. Here’s Arezu Sabreze on how you can chose the right business type for you:

“Most people hope they’ll get that Eureka moment when they have invented something that the whole world needs and think that this invention will make them millions. However, this is not the case with most inventions, it’s actually the opposite. You’ll get so many inventors coming to investors with new ideas and it surprises me just how hard people try to be innovative because they hope to make money, not because they genuinely care to solve a problem with their invention. If you want to make money,you need to choose an industry which you can do and by this I mean you need to consider if you can handle the obligations of what that industry needs. Your business choice must reflect the positive aspects of your personality to make it succeed. A bit of research and talking to people will help enormously to find out exactly what your business needs from you. So if you are someone who hates stress or working long hours, don’t start a business where these are requirements to succeed. If you are shy, don’t start a business which needs you to sell. If like me, you hate manufacturing abroad then a business which needs products to be made in high volumes at a cheap price is not for you.

I cannot stress how important it is to enjoy what type of business you start and how crucial it is to match the needs of that business to the personality of its management team. The more people there are with creator and executors traits, the more likely you are to success in a wider range of businesses. This is why many inventors who probably do have amazing products never succeed because they are not executors with a business mind, they are creators who cannot sell, and vice versa with people who can sell but they just waste time trying to be a creator.Only once you know what you can handle, then you can accurately chose your business type and compete in that industry efficiently and accurately. Remember there are so many ways to make money, you just have to choose how wisely.”

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