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For Local Businesses, the Best NYC Address is Online


For local businesses, having a New York address is already a perk in itself, but thanks to a state initiative, they are about to enjoy a new one. The opportunity to also take over New York’s attention-grabbing digital real estate.  

What this means is that businesses putting up their web sites can now take hold of a dot-nyc domain, a new report on The Washington Post said. The perk also extends to individuals and organizations based in New York.

To qualify for the coveted dot-nyc URL, these entities should be able to prove that they are occupying an “actual address within the five boroughs.” As the state web site has stated, only residents of New York would be eligible for dot-nyc online addresses as they are “reserved exclusively for true New Yorkers.”  

“You can't have just for selling New York-style pizza in suburban Connecticut. You can't live in the city's corner of the Internet if you don't pay actual rent in the real one,” the report noted.

The report added that New York was the first U.S. city to grab a generic top-level domain name for its residents to utilize from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

It also noted that the .nyc addresses will pave the way for new revenue sources for the local government and participating businesses. The New York state government would earn a percentage of the registration fees and will split revenues with domain registrar Neustar, which was tasked to manage the domains, according to reports on Capital New York and Next City.

The first phase of the application process, which involves requesting one or more .nyc address, started in August and will end October 3, according to the Own It web site. Within that period, applicants have to go to a .nyc accredited Registrar to submit their applications.

On October 6, .nyc web addresses with only one request will be awarded to the applicant who requested it. An auction will be held if multiple requests were received for one address. 

On October 8, the rest of New York City residents can register available .nyc domains online and use them instantly.

Registration costs $20 annually. Some web sites have already been launched under the program to promote it.

The enthusiasm residents and local businesses of New York showed in getting their own dot-nyc domain reflects the growing importance of owning digital real estate that corresponds to one’s physical address.

While having a New York zip code is already a boon for most of the NYC residents, many see having their own corner of the internet a privilege and a brilliant way of promoting their brands, and more importantly their community to the U.S. and beyond.

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