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New Raymond mill building high-end powder application

New Raymond mill building high-end powder application

new Raymond mill building high-end powder application

Mohs hardness is divided into ten levels.Gypsum, talc, calcite, orthoclase, quartz, Topaz, fluorite, apatite, corundum and diamond. eye is a general characterization of pore size of sieves, mesh size is the number of holes per square inch. The conversion formula is: cm=16/mesh. Also known as raymond mill, Raymond mill, is a widely used mill. Raymond mill is used with mines, cement plants, chemical plants, grinding equipment, is one of the key equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals.

as non-metallic minerals in recent years in the field of application of ultrafine powder extensive development and downstream firm increasing demand for the non-metallic mineral products. Especially for fineness of products have a high demand. General Raymond grinder fineness of product is low, normal fineness generally below 500 head of Raymond mill, powder application of these devices can only occupy the lower end of market. This traditional Raymond mill appeared to be inadequate. These problems have plagued traditional Raymond mill minerals processing companies and equipment manufacturers.

raymond mill main new features are:

high product fineness, up to 2000.

the high utilization rate of wearing parts, using a special wear-resistant materials.

particularly suitable for high hardness and difficult to machine materials, such as silicon carbide, corundum, pick English grit.

in high producing efficiency, straight centrifugal mill design and reasonable structure, small occupied area. energy-saving, compared with Raymond mill and blower power consumption is greatly reduced, unique design, to avoid the blade glide in the grinding Chamber of energy loss.

Raymond mill three-step Use Raymond mill three-step

Raymond mill is summarized in the constant practice and expert research and development on the basis of the upgrade of new products, widely used in metallurgy, building material, chemical, mining and other fields.

Raymond mill machine debugging three step go:

Raymond mill machine debugging first step: empty load running try machine, in no load try machine Qian, should will mill roll device with network silk rope hold rolling prison, avoid mill roll and mill ring contact impact, then hosts air turned try machine many Yu 1 hours; hosts running Shi should smooth, box within oil temperature shall not over 80 ⅜x83, temperature liters not over 40 ⅜x83.

Raymond mill commissioning step two: load test machine running time is not less than 8 hours, after Raymond mill working machine without abnormal noise, all piping connections no leakage phenomenon after testing machine again after the solid screw can be put into normal use. Raymond mill commissioning step three: blower should be empty to boot, be working properly before loading, and then observe its smooth running, no unusual noises and vibrations, bearing maximum temperature must not exceed 70 ⅜x83, the temperature must not exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

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