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Film Buff and Real Estate Developer Buys Third Movie House in Greenwich Village


Greenwich Village’s Quad Cinema was bought by a film buff and real estate magnate Charles S. Cohen, a report on the Boston Herald said.

According to the report, the cinema would be renovated and will be turned into a repertory cinema, screening classics from Cohen’s personal collection including the works of film auteurs D.W. Griffith, Jean-Luc Goddard, Alfred Hitchcock, among many. Lectures and discussions will be conducted following film showings.  

The cinema will also serve as a new venue for indie and foreign film screenings. Its proximity to New York University, Cohen noted, will allow it to gain an instant audience, according to the report.

Cohen said the movie house’s previous owner, Maurice Kanbar, chose him to be the cinema’s next “steward” despite better offers.

“This is a passionate labor of love for me,” Cohen told the Boston Herald. “It was his baby and I'm the new parent.”

It’s no wonder Cohen received the nod from Kanbar, as he had an impressive track record of reviving notable, old theatres such as New York’s Academy Theater at Lighthouse International and the SilverScreen Theater within the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. He acquired the Pacific Design Center in 1999, according to a report on the Los Angeles Times.

In an earlier interview with The Real Deal, Cohen shared that his affinity for films started in high school. He said he initially dreamed of becoming a film director after doing some short films in high school and college, but went on to pursue a law education. He ended up working in real estate through his family, which owns and operates Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation (CBRC).

“I had always been involved in real estate through my family, working summer jobs, and I guess just some osmosis. And it was a natural connection for me…I’ve been here now for over 30 years,” he told The Real Deal.

Cohen is living proof that real estate investors can pursue their lifelong dreams or interests by investing in portfolios that symbolize them. Cohen’s love for films, for example, led him to become a very important part of the film community by investing in and rebuilding old movie theaters that will be enjoyed by upcoming generations.

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