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Arezu Sabreze on Digital Marketing and Legal Protection


A lot of businesses are vulnerable to protecting their copyrights on the internet as well as their marketing strategies on the web. Small businesses can not afford to take legal action against those who breach their copyrights, and often it is impossible to track online the person breaking the law. From copying an image to any form of marketing, it is easy to use someone's creation and to copy or twist it in any way. However, where do you draw the line? Digital marketing of all businesses is crucial to advocating your business identity and there is always the possibility that once it is on the web, you won't be able to control the extent to where your identity goes or how it is changed.

Arezu Sabreze, a London based entrepreneur, who also comes from a legal background, explains, "Business is changing rapidly and now we face an era where at one point, there will have to be some sort of an adjudicator or government body in each country that will have to deal with online protection rapidly and fairly, outside of the courtroom. They will also have to have powers over Google." Perhaps she is right as many businesses do not have the speedy protection to safeguarding their name and copyrights, and getting any form of help from google sometimes can be frustrating. It will be interesting how legal protection online will grow in the years to come.

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