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Pacific Shore Holdings Aims To Become A Billion Dollar Company Within 5 Years In Green Scene Products Arena


Excited, energized and optimistic. Those are the words to describe the atmosphere inside Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR), a leader in developing affordable, innovative, environmentally friendly products that are safe and effective.

Indeed, things are looking bright for PSHR as it has recently signed multiple major distributors that will ensure that its products are sold all-over the world, while preparing for public market entrance. Both activities are expected to bring in large capital and generate huge profits that will expand Pacific Shore into a billion-dollar entity within the next five years.

“We believe the Thermal-Aid and Nature-Cide will turn our company around in 2015,” said Matthew Mills, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Pacific Shore. He added, “We have entered into a distribution program with major distribution players that has three different arms of distribution, including Independent Medical and AssuraMed which are owned by Cardinal Health.” Other Pacific Shore products include Energy-X, a brand of Vitamin B and natural caffeine-based, energy-infused products, and Home Spa Shower Spray, 100% natural shower spray.

Thermal-Aid offers multiple products in its line up, including a deep-penetrating Headache Relief System that includes a 100% natural headache relief cream and therapeutic heating/cooling treatment pack specifically designed for the medical field, to reduce swelling and relieve pain. The cooling pack is made from natural terrycloth cotton and lab-processed corn that retains cold temperatures longer without retaining moisture.

Nature-Cide offers household (i.e. Indoor, Outdoor, All Purpose, Bed Bug, Flea & Tick) and commercial (i.e. industrial-strength) formulations for its all-natural pesticide product line that was developed though the Nature-Cide Pest Management service that is servicing upscale homes in southern California. All formulations are poison-free and are based on essential oils such as cedar oil, clove oil, cinnamon oil and cottonseed oil. Mills noted in a previous press release that while the formulation “smells like Christmas” to people, it smells vile and toxic to unwanted pests like insects, rodents and reptiles.

The formulation can be sprayed on most surfaces, even directly on clothing and upholsteries without posing any harm to humans and pets. It can prevent pests from returning to homes, gardens and commercial spaces where infestations are present.

Mills explained the company has completed setting up a medical system with Independence Medical and AssuraMed to tap its customers and sell Thermal-Aid nationwide as it migrates to the Cardinal Health system which will open multiple doors in major retail. Already, the Thermal-Aid brand is doing brisk sales at Independence Medical’s fast growing customer

“Because Thermal-Aid is doing well, those three distribution venues allow us to do marketing for our products inside of their protocols and give us access to their more than 20,000 customers. The deal with this major distribution network will target pharmacies at grocery stores like Ralphs Supermarkets, our most successful supermarket chain partner on the West Coast. Ralphs is the West Coast’s version of Kroger supermarket. Those distribution venues could produce 10’s of millions in sales in the next three years”, Mills said.

According to Mills, there is a huge market response for PSHR products, particularly for its Thermal Aid and Nature-Cide lines.  There are inquiries to distribute the products worldwide, including Taiwan, Mexico, Dubai, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and various other Asian countries like Japan.

Mills is confident of positive reception from investors once the company becomes public traded due to, “There not being many companies that focus on the green scene space in general, the ones that do exist, only stick to one sector”, states Mills. PSHR, however, offers 100% natural products that are effective, environmentally friendly that remain affordable to all walks of life in multiple billion dollar sectors.

“We created products in billion dollar sectors. Thermal-Aid is sitting in a billion dollar sector where there is limited competition. Nature-Cide is also in a billion-dollar industry. We have pesticides that cost less than poisons sold by other pesticide companies. We make products that are affordable to everybody. We have a very unique strategy that is unlike any other company out there,” Mills continued.

But while manufacturing green products are traditionally expensive, Mills said the global recession in 2008 through 2011 actually helped Pacific Shore to produce high-quality products at a lower cost. The financial crisis brought down the cost of manufacturing as well as materials that enabled them to sell their products at affordable prices.

That is why Pacific Shore is aggressively marketing its products so they will become household names as the U.S. economy continues improvement. By that time, their products will be sold in every store that the economies of scale will allow them to maintain their current prices even if the costs of manufacturing and materials go up. He went on to say, “The cost of operating will be lower by then. Costs go down when volume goes up. And that’s going to play in the big picture as well,” Mills said as he assured consumers, “Pacific Shore will maintain to sell their green products at lower prices than existing brands”.

Pacific Shore also promises continued improvement of their current brand as well as introduction of new products for the consumers. Mills said the firm has a good relationship with the Inventors Association of America in tandem with their own R&D departments will continue to produce innovative product lines for many years to come.

“We always have at least between five and 20 unique products in the pipeline that we are developing in our R&D department and our Thermal-Aid and Nature-Cide products really goes to show, that we have a solid track record developing products,” Mills states.

About Pacific Shore               Pacific Shore’s core business is to bring high quality, natural products to market at a fair price. The company is driven by the knowledge that a key component of its growth strategy is to constantly fill a robust new product pipeline with high profit margin products.  One of the ways that PACIFIC SHORE keeps its pipeline growing is to utilize the company’s proven techniques to assist inventors and marketers in bringing their products to market while sharing the profits.

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