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Direct Insite: An Under-The-Radar SaaS Gem's Validated Product Transition Could Yield Substantial Upside Potential


Direct Insite Corporation (OTC: DIRI) is an undiscovered microcap company whose first-mover SaaS working capital management solutions (PAYBOX) are on the verge of a major inflection point.

PAYBOX is Direct Insite's working capital management solution utilized by major banks and corporations such as IBM and Siemens to reduce their days-sales-outstanding and reduce costs by bringing together four key treasury cornerstones from electronic invoicing to online approvals and adjustments.

Direct Insite has reached a major milestone of signing a tier-1 global bank, which will facilitate sales of the white-labeled version of PAYBOX to their customers. Signing additional global banks, and increasing the number of bank customer utilizing PAYBOX are the two key growth drivers for the company.

As debt-free company, with $3.3M in cash and equivalents and $25M and $20M in Federal and State net loss carry-forwards to help lower any tax burdens, Direct Insite is clearly distinguished from other companies in the microcap realm. Further, directors and officers of the company own 48%+ of the company, clearly aligning their interests with shareholders.

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