Short Side Coming Attractions

By All About Trends

1-6 “Coming Attractions”

Friday we said:

We'll have more over this weekend to show you, some are big picture that could really get slammed over the next few months to those who are patient and willing to sweat with them. The key here is patience. The point of this whole section in the short term is to brush up on topping patterns and being prepared in advance. This way when the time comes we won't be a deer in the headlights and will be able to pounce on some short sells with INNER CONVICTION AND CONFIDENCE!

For now the 60 minute index charts say pullback imminent then odds favor some sort of testing testing testing retest as shown on our 60 minute index charts above.



This is one we might be willing to take a hit and run short sell on while the indexes pullback per the index charts. that mean get a point or two and get out.

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