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Trading options can be quite a challenge. You may know the basics, but what will you do if you get into trouble? Are you prepared to adjust any and all trades that go against you?

That's where OptionsANIMAL comes in. OptionsANIMAL is an educational platform designed to teach traders anything and everything they need to know about trading options. From the day one basics of fundamental analysis to the advanced strategies and adjustment techniques that can lead to greater returns, OptionsANIMAL was created with the trader in mind.

When signing up for the program, students will gain access to eight levels of classes that include live, on-demand and archived videos:

Level 1: Due Diligence

Level 2: Options Instruments

Level 3: Basic Spreads - Intro to Adjustments

Level 4: Call Spreads and Adjustments

Level 5: Put Spreads and Adjustments

Level 6: Practical Application

Level 7: Trade Adjustments

Level 8: Advanced Trade Strategies/Adjustments

Each level was designed by Greg Jensen, CEO of OptionsANIMAL, to take traders from the introductory phase all the way up to the level of an options master who knows how to deal with a wide variety of challenging situations.

New students can start by participating in the many free classes (webinars) that OptionsANIMAL offers each week. From there, students can then move up to OptionsANIMAL's professional slate of classes.

But while OptionsANIMAL aims to make people better traders, it is not an open enrollment program. The site has a set of criteria it requires students to meet before they can take part in the education.

"We realize that trading, and specifically trading options, is not for everyone," Jensen said. "It takes someone who is serious about the market, and driven to learn. We know that it will take someone who is driven, and is willing to dedicate at least five hours a week toward education, to learn what it takes to be successful in the market. We also realize that you have to have money to make money. We're not going to ask someone who has a $5,000 portfolio to spend everything they have on our education."

While OptionsANIMAL wants prospective students to know that the service was designed for every trader, it also wants to be clear that it only wishes to take on students who are financially secure enough to take on the risk of investing in the options market.

“Ideal students do not necessarily have to have trading experience,” said Tad Thueson, Business Development Director at OptionsANIMAL.

Thueson stressed that the goal of OptionsANIMAL is to shift investors away from being profitable only 50% of the time. "We want them to be profitable 90% of the time," he said.

If that sounds fairly hardcore, then know this: when you leave OptionsANIMAL, you aren't playing with Monopoly money. You are dealing with real cash, and the risks are just as real. If OptionsANIMAL's coaches were to go easy on their students, they would be doing them a severe disservice. While they might still be capable of completing the program, they would not be prepared for the remarkable and complex world of options trading.

Thueson said that most students are able to complete OptionsANIMAL in six to eight months by spending just five to 10 hours per week on the program.

The reason OptionsANIMAL works, Thueson said, is because its coaches are more than just teachers. They teach because they love it, not for the paycheck. Before teaching a single class, every coach must complete and graduate from the entire OptionsANIMAL program.

Thueson described OptionsANIMAL's coaches as being successful traders with a broad spectrum of professional experience. After graduation, Thueson said that many students remain at OptionsANIMAL just for the community, which brings students (current and former) and coaches together. For instant feedback, OptionsANIMAL encourages its students to subscribe to the site's email system.

Thueson added that the online trading education put together by OptionsANIMAL was designed to help people generate consistent gains by actually controlling risk and the outcome of their trades using trade adjustments. "Our system of trading options allows people to make money in any market direction, protect hard-earned capital, and ultimately achieve their investing goals."

Traders and aspiring options experts alike can learn more by signing up for one of OptionsANIMAL's free webinars.

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