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Kevin O'Leary Says Bernie Sanders' 32-Hour Workweek Idea is 'Dead on Arrival'
Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders Voice Support For Volkswagen Workers Looking To Join UAW: 'American Workers, Too, Should Have A Voice'
Bernie Sanders Is Back With His 4-Day Workweek Plan With No Pay Cut: 'Not A Radical Idea'
Israel's Netanyahu's Rule In 'Jeopardy' As Intel Report Reveals Struggle In Gaza Amid War With Hamas
Bernie Sanders Wants US To Stop Sending Money To Netanyahu's War Machine: Cannot Be Complicit In 'Mass Slaughter Of Children'
Bernie Sanders Blasts Big Pharma's Pricing Of Lifesaving Drugs In US During Senate Hearing On Medicare
Bernie Sanders Proposes Tax Hike For Companies With High CEO Pay Ratios: 'Americans...Outraged By Extreme Gaps'
Pakistan-Iran Strikes, Bernie Sanders Warning Against Trump, US Thwarts Houthi Missile Strike And More: This Week In Politics
Bernie Sanders Says Trump Is 'A Bitter Man' Who's 'Going To Take It Out On His Enemies' If Reelected, But Here's How Democrats Can Defeat Him
Bernie Sanders Challenges $10B Military Aid To Israel, Calls Netanyahu Government's Conduct 'Immoral'
Benzinga's Top 5 Articles For 2023: A Tesla Model Y Inferno, BRICS' Currency Ambitions, And Other Tales Of The Year
Bernie Sanders Throws Weight Behind Nordic Workers' Unions As They Take On Elon Musk's Tesla: 'They Deserve Our Support'
Bernie Sanders To Take On Ozempic, Wegovy, Weight Loss Drugs: 'Could Be Helpful, But They're Not Going To Be Helpful If People Can't Afford Them'
Bernie Sanders Opposes Emergency Military Aid To Israel: 'What The Netanyahu Government Is Doing Is Immoral'
UAW President Takes Aim At Elon Musk's Wealth In Bid To Woo Tesla Workers: 'You Don't Have To Live Paycheck To Paycheck'
Israel-Hamas War, Day 53: Ceasefire Broken As Israel Reports Hamas Attack; Bernie Sanders Condemns US 'Blank-Check' Approach
Republican Senator Challenges Teamsters Union President For Fist Fight In Fiery Exchange During Senate Hearing
Bernie Sanders Calls For Israel To Oust Benjamin Netanyahu Amid Ongoing War With Hamas: 'Got To Be A Better Way Than Killing Thousands'
Bernie Sanders Opposes Joe Biden's Pick To Lead NIH: 'I Intend To Vote NO At Her Confirmation Hearing'
Crypto Tax Delay A Concern, Treasury Department Needs To Act Now, Say Senators
Bernie Sanders Continues Battle For 4-Day, 32-Hour Workweek With Same Pay But Warns, 'Benefits For The Working Class Won't Be Easily Handed Over By The Corporate Elite'
Ex-Amazon Executive Famous For Bernie Sanders Twitter Feud Eyes Political Career
Bernie Sanders Says 'Strong Progressive Agenda' Key To Joe Biden's 2024 Victory