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Weekly Tech Highlights: Apple Watch Sales Potential, A New Yahoo Rumor & More

Weekly Tech Highlights: Apple Watch Sales Potential, A New Yahoo Rumor & More

A new year and a new slate of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) headlines.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant is ready to bring Apple Pay to more locations -- including those outside of the United States.

Apple could also dominate the wearable tech space even if only a small fraction of iPhone users purchase an Apple Watch.

On a less positive note, Apple's Touch ID was bypassed by hackers who used a very simple technique. The company is also being sued over storage issues relating to iOS 8.

And in news that has nothing to do with Apple, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO) is rumored to be exploring the possibility of buying a pay-TV company.

Disclosure: At the time of this writing, Louis Bedigian had no position in the equities mentioned in this slideshow.

  • Can Anyone Stop Apple Pay?

    Can Anyone Stop Apple Pay?

    Apple Pay is expected to grow in 2015. The mobile payment service is coming to Chevron Corporation gas pumps and will make its way to the United Kingdom sometime this year.

    "Consumers won't actually adopt [a mobile payment solution] unless you're actually making it easier on them," Zach Goldstein, founder and CEO of Thanx (a loyalty and retention marketing company), told Benzinga.

    "The challenge that mobile payments have had is that the credit card is not all that hard. It's actually pretty straightforward to whip out your card and pay. We haven't seen anything yet that truly makes that experience easier. Apple Pay seems to be the first opportunity to do that."

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Touch ID Security Bypassed By Simple Hack

    Touch ID Security Bypassed By Simple Hack

    It's amazing what a photograph and some wood glue can accomplish. Hackers used those items to unlock an iPhone 5S that was protected by Touch ID.

    "To me, I'm concerned about everything as far as security," Scott Schober, CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems, told Benzinga. "Layers of security [are] always more secure than having one or two things."

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • 80% Of iPhone Users May Not Buy Apple Watch This Year, And That's A-OK

    80% Of iPhone Users May Not Buy Apple Watch This Year, And That's A-OK

    A new study shows that 80 percent of iPhone users are not likely to buy an Apple Watch in 2015.

    This might sound like an awful development, but it's nothing to be alarmed about. Apple sold more than 160 million iPhone units during fiscal 2014. If 80 percent of those users don't want an Apple Watch, it means that 32 million (20 percent) might.

    That would be a pretty sizeable number for Apple to achieve, and would easily place the company at the top of the wearable tech space.

    The study also said that 2.2 percent of iPhone users surveyed said they are "extremely likely" to buy the watch. That could be equal to about 3.5 million individuals -- again providing Apple with a sizeable chunk of the market.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • Yahoo + Cable Company = ?

    Yahoo + Cable Company = ?

    In news that may puzzle everyone until the day it happens, Yahoo is rumored to be interested in acquiring a pay-TV provider.

    Not just any pay-TV provider, however -- Yahoo is supposedly only interested in cable.

    This might seem like an odd decision for a company to go after cable at a time when online video services threaten its very existence. At the same time, Yahoo is also a firm that some believe should merge with AOL, Inc. (NYSE: AOL).

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
  • iOS 8 Causes Unexpected Lawsuit

    iOS 8 Causes Unexpected Lawsuit

    Most new operating systems take up more space than their predecessors. This is one of the reasons why hard drives continue to get bigger, not smaller.

    Consumers may anticipate this, but they may not expect to be kept in the dark about file sizes, only to be sold on additional services at a later date.

    That, however, is exactly what the plaintiffs in a new lawsuit are claiming Apple has done with its latest mobile operating system, iOS 8.

    Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
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