Who Wants to Gamble With Bitcoins on Facebook?

The open-source virtual currency could be used as a gambling platform on the world's leading social network.
That is, assuming
Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Ingo Hinterding has his way. When asked about the possibility of bringing a degree of real gambling to Crowdpark in the form of Bitcoins, Hinterding
told Benzinga
that this is something he would love to do. “Personally, I would love to do that, as I find the whole concept around Bitcoin [to be] very, very interesting,” said Hinterding. “Right now we are totally focusing on what we can do best and this is enhancing the social gaming experience. We are not so much financial guys and we do not have the financial background that enables us to have a really big pile of cash helping us do real money stuff. We love gaming, we have a passion for gaming, and this is what we do. It's a very interesting market.” Earlier today, Crowdpark announced that it had received
$6 million in new funding
from Target Partners and Earlybird Venture Capital.
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