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Nancy Grace Isn't the Only One Showing Off Her "Stuff"


Now video game characters are getting in on the naked fun.

Remember the controversy with Grand Theft Auto? The media went crazy when hidden nudity and sex games were uncovered. Before that, the media jumped all over Mortal Kombat for displaying buckets of the most unrealistic (read: cartoon) blood ever seen.

With that in mind, one can only imagine what the media will do when it hears about this one: the hugely popular (and severely graphic) Dead Island just got caught with its pants down – literally.

According to Kotaku (via IGN), one of the female characters in Dead Island isn't wearing any underwear.

Kotaku has the alleged YouTube clip that reveals the big, uhh, reveal. If you must see it, click the aforementioned link. But I wouldn't buy this story on the video alone. Something seems fishy, including the poorly animated video. Frankly, it looks to me as though the developers had planned to paint on some polygonal underwear, got lazy, and forgot.

What's left certainly looks like intentional female nudity, which isn't all that surprising. Game characters are often built from the ground up to mirror real humans. But to be honest, the video isn't clear or detailed enough to prove that the developers were attempting to sneak a bit of nudity into the game.

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