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The Military Has Defensive Armor, But Do You Have Party Armor?


One startup has everything you need to prepare for combat.

For combating a hangover, that is. Cason Thorsby is the man behind what is quickly becoming a hot commodity in two-ounce anti-hangover shots: Party Armor.

“You [take it] at the end of the night after a night of drinking, before you go to bed, and you'll wake up the next day without a hangover,” Thorsby, the CEO of Party Armor, told Benzinga during a recent interview.

But while Thorsby may lead the company, he said that he owes the formulation to his little brother, “who knows a lot about dietary supplements, nutrition, and how everything works in the body.”

“He developed it – I backed it financially, formulated it, and we had it battle-tested from a lot of willing participants,” said Thorsby. “But then [we] also [had it] kind of checked out through a lot of doctors and pharmacists, a pretty well-known group out east, and they said, ‘You guys actually came up with something pretty cool.' Our goal was to come up with something that was easy and very effective to combat hangovers, and lo and behold, we discovered it and Party Armor was started.”

Armor Without the Repetition

Thorsby said that one of the things that separates Party Armor from its capsule competitors is that you only have to take it once.

“Chaser, as an example – the number-one pill that's out there – all it is, is activated charcoal,” Thorsby explained. “So you gotta take a pill, water, beer, water, pill, and kind of repeat that process. To me, that's a bad connotation; pills and drinking booze. That's not good. There are a few other anti-hangover shots out there that are making a wave, but in terms of proprietary blend, and an actual brand that isn't gimmicky, and actually has some substance behind it, that's really what Party Armor is.”

5-hour Roots

Party Armor wasn't the first two-ounce drink to come from Michigan.

“To be honest, not a lot of people know this, but the two-ounce shot was born in Detroit, Michigan,” said Thorsby. “5-hour Energy was started here."

But it's not just the formulation that comes from the Great Lakes State. “Everything from the bottle to the cap to the shrink sleeve to the 12-pack is sourced from Michigan,” said Thorsby.

The Morning After Shot

What can we expect from Party Armor's future?

“We've got a few more formulations,” Thorsby revealed. “So we have the two-ounce shot, but we're also in the final process of coming out with three different morning-after beverages, if you will. So if you forgot to take Party Armor the night before, when you wake up the next morning, [drink] 16 ounces of just pure goodness in terms of antioxidants, herbs, amino acids, vitamins, to kind of cleanse and detox your body. And honest to God, within about 20 to 30 minutes of drinking it, your headache will go away, your nausea will subside, and you will actually have some energy to get everything done in your day.”

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