'The Fed Trying To Control Inflation Actually Created More Damage': Grant Cardone Says The Fed Ended Most People's Chance Of Owning A Home

'The Fed Trying To Control Inflation Actually Created More Damage': Grant Cardone Says The Fed Ended Most People's Chance Of Owning A Home

Grant Cardone — billionaire, TikTok star, motivational speaker and author of The 10X Rule — shared some thoughts exclusive to Benzinga.

Cardone is well known for his belief in real estate to accumulate wealth. If you’re at all familiar with Cardone, you’ve heard him extol the possibilities that real estate provides and why it’s actually advantageous to not live where you own.

He’s made a fortune with Cardone Capital, which pays investors monthly. Cardone Capital is not a real estate investment trust (REIT) or a stock. Cardone Capital is a long-term investment vehicle structured to last at least ten years that operates as a crowdfunded real estate platform. Cardone Capital buys high-end real estate and rents it out to creditworthy renters.

Cardone is arguably the most effective real estate mogul in the world and certainly one of the most well-known. His success in the market seemingly influenced Amazon.com Inc. founder Jeff Bezos to do the same. As you’ll read, Cardone’s quotes align with Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk and his vision of the near future (spoiler: an inevitable recession).

Cardone said that “the end user homeowner who needs a mortgage will be squeezed out of the housing market. They will be unable to buy the house even at a lower price because interest rates doubled. We will look back on this time and realize the Fed trying to control inflation actually created more damage than good, ending the chance for most to own their own home.”

All is not lost, however. The adage — where there is chaos, there is opportunity — applies here. Cardone painted an optimistic picture despite the direction that things seem to be heading. Cardone said, “I am an aggressive buyer through the end of the year and through next year of income-producing real estate. We will look back and realize that 2022 was the year the Fed created the biggest renter boom in America’s history.”

If you have the means to invest in a rental property, according to Cardone “I believe we are entering the BEST real estate market opportunity since 2008.” Those opportunities could include monetizing real estate like Airbnb Inc., buying crowdsourced real estate platforms that allow for fractional ownership and more prominent and experienced residential-focused REITs. Your portfolio could include steady income from the impending housing market crisis.

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