Paylocity Holding
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Paylocity Holding Stock (NASDAQ:PCTY), Insider Trading Activity

Paylocity Holding: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
May 20, 2024Nicholas RostVP & CHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-95$171.62-$16.30KSELL-1.84%5.082KMay 16View
May 20, 2024Rachit LohaniCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-117$171.62-$20.08KSELL-0.26%44.248KMay 16View
Mar 18, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-600$168.82-$101.29KSELL-0.74%80.019KMar 14View
Mar 18, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-22.938K$167.01-$3.83MSELL-22.26%80.088KMar 14View
Mar 15, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-1.76K$171.64-$302.09KSELL-2.08%82.742KMar 13View
Mar 15, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-24.702K$169.81-$4.19MSELL-22.95%82.946KMar 13View
Mar 14, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-2.331K$169.28-$394.59KSELL-2.64%85.804KMar 12View
Mar 14, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-27.637K$168.22-$4.65MSELL-24.30%86.073KMar 12View
Mar 13, 2024Jeffrey T DiehlDIRECTOR-20.032K$168.55-$3.38MSELL-18.33%89.271KMar 11View
Mar 07, 2024Katherine RossSR VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS-491$168.29-$82.63KSELL-3.10%15.353KMar 05View
Mar 05, 2024Steven R BeauchampCO-CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER0$92.37-$2.22MSELL-OPTIONS0.00%1.768968MMar 01View
Feb 22, 2024Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-6.85K$175.62-$1.20MSELL-0.07%9.562376MFeb 20View
Feb 22, 2024Ronald V WatersDIRECTOR-1K$175.58-$175.58KSELL-10.43%8.588KFeb 20View
Feb 21, 2024Katherine RossSR VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS-274$174.72-$47.87KSELL-1.68%16.081KFeb 16View
Feb 21, 2024Rachit LohaniCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-147$174.72-$25.68KSELL-0.33%45.055KFeb 16View
Feb 21, 2024Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-14.262K$177.48-$2.53MSELL-0.15%9.569226MFeb 16View
Feb 21, 2024Nicholas RostVP & CHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-96$174.72-$16.77KSELL-1.78%5.292KFeb 16View
Feb 20, 2024Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-4.384K$175.53-$769.52KSELL-0.05%9.583488MFeb 15View
Feb 15, 2024Toby J WilliamsPRESIDENT AND CO-CEO-8K$169.15-$1.35MSELL-6.58%113.653KFeb 13View
Feb 14, 2024Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-24.504K$175.47-$4.30MSELL-0.25%9.587872MFeb 12View
Feb 14, 2024Steven R BeauchampCO-CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-30K$175.00-$5.25MSELL-1.67%1.769956MFeb 12View
Jan 16, 2024Ryan GlennCFO AND TREASURER-1.4K$163.47-$228.86KSELL-3.94%34.152KJan 10View
Dec 18, 2023Katherine RossSR VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS-2.233K$166.09-$370.88KSELL-11.91%16.517KDec 15View
Dec 07, 2023Rachit LohaniCHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER-119$156.81-$18.66KSELL-0.26%45.775KDec 05View
Dec 06, 2023Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-5.475K$160.11-$876.60KSELL-0.06%9.612376MDec 04View
Dec 05, 2023Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-20.197K$160.07-$3.23MSELL-0.21%9.617851MDec 01View
Dec 01, 2023Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-75K$155.61-$11.67MSELL-0.77%9.638048MNov 29View
Nov 20, 2023Nicholas RostVP & CHIEF ACCOUNTING OFFICER-103$149.36-$15.38KSELL-1.94%5.194KNov 17View
Nov 17, 2023Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-8.8K$151.09-$1.33MSELL-0.09%9.713048MNov 15View
Nov 16, 2023Steven I SarowitzDIRECTOR-41.2K$150.18-$6.19MSELL-0.42%9.721848MNov 14View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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