At close: Jun 18
After Hours: 7:59PM EDT

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Microsoft: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 04, 2024Takeshi NumotoEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-566$416.14-$235.53KSELL-1.19%47.0105985KMay 31 - Jun 03View
May 24, 2024Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-25K$425.68-$10.64MSELL-19.24%104.94865399999999KMay 23View
Mar 12, 2024Kathleen T HoganEVP, CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFF-21.955333K$403.96-$8.87MSELL-12.08%159.76381990000002KMar 11View
Mar 12, 2024Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-10K$403.65-$4.04MSELL-7.15%129.948654KMar 11View
Mar 04, 2024Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-2.8271679999999995K$409.17-$1.16MSELL-0.35%801.330685KFeb 29 - Mar 01View
Feb 06, 2024Bradford L SmithVICE CHAIR AND PRESIDENT-48.303K$411.39-$19.87MSELL-7.80%570.8262701KFeb 02 - Feb 05View
Dec 11, 2023Kathleen T HoganEVP, CHIEF HUMAN RESOURCES OFF-24.680983K$369.00-$9.11MSELL-11.84%183.76083989999998KDec 08View
Nov 14, 2023Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-11.5K$367.38-$4.22MSELL-7.44%142.986221KNov 13View
Sep 05, 2023Kathleen T HoganEVP, HUMAN RESOURCES-26.814601K$327.37-$8.78MSELL-11.91%198.3728229KSep 01View
Sep 05, 2023Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-38.234K$328.43-$12.56MSELL-4.56%800.667853KSep 01View
Aug 02, 2023Bradford L SmithVICE CHAIR AND PRESIDENT-50K$337.20-$16.86MSELL-7.84%588.0837429KAug 01View
Jun 05, 2023Teri ListDIRECTOR-1.28K$334.77-$418.46KSELL-49.96%1.282KJun 02 - Jun 05View
May 19, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-5K$316.87-$1.58MSELL-5.23%90.6318682KMay 18View
May 17, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-6.701K$312.54-$1.59MSELL-6.55%95.6318682KMay 16View
May 10, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-9.177K$310.62-$2.85MSELL-8.23%102.3328682KMay 09 - May 10View
May 08, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-5K$310.05-$1.55MSELL-4.29%111.5098682KMay 05View
May 02, 2023Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-30K$306.09-$9.18MSELL-20.34%117.45647199999999KMay 01View
Mar 02, 2023Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-10.527811K$249.58-$2.63MSELL-1.32%788.624635KFeb 28View
Feb 15, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-1K$272.32-$272.32KSELL-0.84%117.6657259KFeb 13View
Feb 13, 2023Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-1K$269.38-$269.38KSELL-0.84%118.6657259KFeb 09View
Dec 02, 2022Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-24.144K$254.27-$6.14MSELL-13.86%150.047141KDec 01View
Sep 13, 2022Christopher C CaposselaEVP, CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER-5K$266.25-$1.33MSELL-4.31%111.1407259KSep 12View
Sep 06, 2022Amy HoodEVP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-75.35139500000001K$259.47-$19.55MSELL-14.46%445.859KSep 02View
Sep 02, 2022Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-56.999K$257.71-$14.69MSELL-6.66%799.1524459999999KSep 01View
Mar 02, 2022Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-21.145753K$297.02-$6.28MSELL-2.55%809.6452469999999KFeb 28 - Mar 01View
Feb 09, 2022Bradford L SmithPRESIDENT AND VICE CHAIR-27.86K$304.64-$8.49MSELL-4.28%622.46KFeb 08View
Feb 01, 2022Emma N WalmsleyDIRECTOR3.432299K$307.12$983.13KBUY63.73%8.818299000000001KJan 28 - Jan 31View
Dec 08, 2021Teri ListDIRECTOR-1.65K$334.90-$552.58KSELL-49.94%1.654KDec 07View
Nov 24, 2021Satya NadellaCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-838.584K$340.26-$285.34MSELL-50.23%830.791KNov 22 - Nov 23View
Nov 03, 2021Judson AlthoffEVP, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER-54.757K$332.28-$18.19MSELL-28.18%139.586KNov 02View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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