Fennec Pharmaceuticals
At close: Jun 17
After Hours: 4:00PM EDT

Fennec Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:FENC) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Fennec Pharmaceuticals: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 03, 2024Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER0$6.76-$16.43KGRANT0.00%187.471KMay 31 - Jun 03View
May 02, 2024Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER0$9.11-$22.15KGRANT0.00%187.471KApr 30 - May 01View
Apr 22, 2024Adrian HaighCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER0$5.82-$311.80KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%0Apr 19 - Apr 22View
Apr 18, 2024Adrian HaighCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER0$6.04-$331.33Ks0.00%0Apr 17 - Apr 18View
Apr 16, 2024Adrian HaighCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER0$6.30-$354.52Ks0.00%0Apr 15 - Apr 16View
Apr 15, 2024Chris A Rallis589$10.45$6.16KSELL-OPTIONS1.30%45.838KApr 15View
Apr 05, 2024Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-88.583K$10.82-$958.67KSELL-32.09%187.471KApr 04 - Apr 05View
Apr 03, 2024Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-40.584K$10.78-$437.45KSELL-12.82%276.054KApr 03View
Apr 03, 2024Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER12.5K$0.00$0.00BUY13.62%104.271KApr 01View
Apr 03, 2024Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER29.167K$0.00$0.00BUY10.15%316.638KApr 01View
Mar 27, 2024Chris A Rallis2.215K$6.64-$13.19KSELL-OPTIONS5.15%45.249KMar 26View
Mar 27, 2024Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-13.975K$10.90-$152.35KSELL-13.22%91.771KMar 26View
Mar 25, 2024Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-13.975K$11.00-$153.69KSELL-11.67%105.746KMar 25View
Jan 05, 2024Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-30K$10.53-$315.75KSELL-20.04%119.721KJan 04 - Jan 05View
Dec 29, 2023Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER4.884K$6.57-$28.65KSELL-OPTIONS1.73%287.471KDec 28View
Dec 28, 2023Chris A RallisDIRECTOR1.754K$6.25-$10.15KSELL-OPTIONS3.95%46.178KDec 26View
Nov 20, 2023Chris A Rallis-269$8.25-$2.22KSELL-0.62%43.034KNov 20View
Nov 09, 2023Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-25.044K$7.76-$194.27KSELL-8.14%282.587KNov 08View
Aug 18, 2023Chris A Rallis-673$7.85-$5.28KSELL-1.53%43.303KAug 18View
Jul 24, 2023Chris A Rallis9.87K$4.45-$43.52KSELL-OPTIONS28.94%43.976KJul 24View
Jul 06, 2023Chris A Rallis3.073K$4.72-$13.62KSELL-OPTIONS9.90%34.106KJul 06View
Jun 30, 2023Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER0$5.69-$162.07KSELL-OPTIONS0.00%149.721KJun 28 - Jun 30View
May 19, 2023Chris A Rallis-1.758K$7.36-$12.94KSELL-5.36%31.033KMay 19View
Dec 30, 2022Rostislav RaykovCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-28.74K$9.61-$276.22KSELL-11.66%217.838KDec 28 - Dec 30View
Dec 30, 2022Robert AndradeCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-22K$9.60-$211.29KSELL-12.81%149.721KDec 28 - Dec 30View
Nov 17, 2022Chris A Rallis-333$7.99-$2.66KSELL-1.10%30.018KNov 17View
May 06, 2020Southpoint Capital Advisors LPSouthpoint Capital Advisors LLCSouthpoint GP LPSouthpoint GP LLCSmith John Clark II80K$6.25$500.00KPURCHASE2.00%4.077214MMay 04View
May 04, 2020SPA EssetifinPAOLO CAVAZZAEnrico CavazzaFrancesca CavazzaSilvia CavazzaMartina Preta Cavazza768K$6.25$4.80MPURCHASE23.81%3.993694MApr 30View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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