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Element Engineering LLC was acquired by Bowman Consulting Group (BWMN) on Friday, July 12, 2024

Bowman Consulting Group (NASDAQ:BWMN) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Bowman Consulting Group: Insider buying and selling updated today.

What is Insider Activity?

Insider trading activity involves company insiders, such as executives, directors, and employees, engaging in transactions of their own company's stock. Insiders' buy and sell transactions provide valuable insights into their confidence in the company's future performance.

What are Bowman Consulting Group Ltd Insiders Doing?

At Bowman Consulting Group Ltd, recent insider activity has drawn attention. Over the last 30 days, insiders have reported selling a total of 22.50K shares worth $705.85K, meanwhile, insiders have report no purchases in the last 30 days.

Notable Recent Insider Buys and Sales

  • On May 15, 2024, Raymond Vicks, the company's DIRECTOR sold 1.23K shares for $30.95 each.
  • On June 21, 2024, Michael Bruen, the company's CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER sold 5K shares for $31.56 each.
  • On April 26, 2024, Gary Bowman, the company's PRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN sold 12.5K shares for $31.88 each.

Ownership Statistics for Bowman Consulting Group Ltd

Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
Jun 28, 2024Gary BowmanCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-17.50K$31.32-$548.06KSELL-1.23%1.41MJun 26 - Jun 27View
Jun 21, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$31.56-$157.79KSELL-1.28%385.74KJun 20View
May 15, 2024Raymond VicksDIRECTOR-1.23K$30.95-$38.07KSELL-27.62%3.22KMay 13View
May 15, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-18.57K$30.51-$566.66KSELL-4.54%390.74KMay 13View
Apr 26, 2024Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-12.50K$31.88-$398.50KSELL-0.88%1.41MApr 24 - Apr 25View
Apr 18, 2024Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-10.00K$30.79-$307.90KSELL-3.41%283.29KApr 16View
Apr 12, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$32.45-$162.25KSELL-1.21%409.31KApr 10View
Apr 02, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-11.76K$34.00-$399.98KSELL-2.76%414.31KApr 01View
Apr 02, 2024Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-176.47K$34.00-$6.00MSELL-11.07%1.42MApr 01View
Mar 28, 2024Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-17.50K$37.47-$655.73KSELL-1.17%1.48MMar 26 - Mar 27View
Mar 21, 2024Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-12.50K$40.95-$511.88KSELL-4.09%293.29KMar 19 - Mar 21View
Mar 20, 2024Robert A. HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-8.00K$38.94-$311.48KSELL-3.60%214.40KMar 18View
Mar 06, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$33.52-$167.60KSELL-1.13%436.07KMar 05View
Feb 23, 2024Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-7.00K$34.17-$239.19KSELL-0.47%1.49MFeb 21 - Feb 22View
Feb 15, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$35.57-$177.85KSELL-1.12%441.07KFeb 14View
Jan 23, 2024Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-13.00K$31.11-$404.37KSELL-0.87%1.49MJan 22 - Jan 23View
Jan 19, 2024Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-5.00K$30.77-$153.85KSELL-1.85%265.94KJan 17View
Jan 12, 2024Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$31.61-$158.05KSELL-1.19%413.66KJan 10View
Dec 22, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-15.00K$32.96-$494.35KSELL-1.00%1.49MDec 20 - Dec 21View
Dec 20, 2023Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-6.01K$32.81-$197.18KSELL-2.15%273.88KDec 18 - Dec 19View
Dec 20, 2023Robert HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-8.00K$32.49-$259.92KSELL-3.92%196.30KDec 18View
Dec 14, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$31.64-$158.20KSELL-1.17%421.52KDec 13View
Nov 16, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$29.11-$145.55KSELL-1.16%426.52KNov 15View
Oct 13, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$27.72-$138.60KSELL-1.15%431.52KOct 11View
Sep 20, 2023Robert HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-8.00K$26.77-$214.12KSELL-3.77%204.30KSep 18View
Sep 15, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-5.00K$26.67-$133.35KSELL-1.13%436.52KSep 13View
Sep 06, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-25.00K$28.63-$715.80KSELL-1.64%1.50MSep 01 - Sep 05View
Aug 24, 2023Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-7.50K$29.38-$220.35KSELL-2.61%279.89KAug 22View
Aug 24, 2023Patricia MulroyDIRECTOR-500.00$29.55-$14.78KSELL-2.90%16.74KAug 23View
Aug 08, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$31.69-$79.22KSELL-0.55%451.52KAug 08View
Aug 03, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-5.00K$33.94-$169.70KSELL-0.48%1.03MAug 01View
Jul 20, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-6.50K$33.07-$214.96KSELL-1.41%454.02KJul 18View
Jul 07, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-3.75K$31.59-$118.46KSELL-0.36%1.04MJul 05View
Jul 07, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-1.25K$32.23-$40.29KSELL-0.12%1.04MJul 03View
Jul 07, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$30.87-$77.17KSELL-0.54%460.52KJul 06View
Jun 13, 2023Patricia MulroyDIRECTOR-2.23K$30.01-$66.77KSELL-11.43%17.24KJun 12View
Jun 09, 2023/S/ Robert A. HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-8.00K$26.81-$214.48KSELL-3.63%212.30KJun 01View
Jun 09, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$28.62-$71.55KSELL-0.54%463.02KJun 08View
Jun 02, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-25.00K$27.34-$683.40KSELL-1.63%1.51MJun 01 - Jun 02View
May 24, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-6.50K$27.81-$180.76KSELL-1.38%465.52KMay 23View
May 24, 2023Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-3.00K$27.53-$82.59KSELL-1.03%287.39KMay 22View
May 10, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$29.45-$73.63KSELL-0.52%480.81KMay 08View
May 03, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-5.00K$29.53-$147.65KSELL-0.19%2.58MMay 01View
Apr 12, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$26.13-$65.33KSELL-0.51%483.31KApr 10View
Apr 12, 2023Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-3.00K$26.13-$78.39KSELL-1.02%292.45KApr 10View
Apr 05, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-5.00K$27.96-$139.80KSELL-0.19%2.58MApr 03View
Mar 23, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-6.50K$27.00-$175.50KSELL-1.32%485.81KMar 21View
Mar 22, 2023Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-3.00K$27.20-$81.60KSELL-1.01%295.45KMar 20View
Mar 17, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$29.28-$73.20KSELL-0.51%492.31KMar 15View
Mar 03, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-25.00K$26.84-$670.90KSELL-1.62%1.52MMar 01View
Feb 10, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$27.18-$67.95KSELL-0.51%489.78KFeb 08View
Feb 03, 2023Robert A. HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-5.00K$25.27-$126.35KSELL-2.16%226.58KFeb 01View
Feb 03, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-13.00K$25.17-$327.21KSELL-0.85%1.53MFeb 01View
Jan 26, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-6.50K$23.37-$151.89KSELL-1.30%492.28KJan 24View
Jan 13, 2023Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$21.45-$53.63KSELL-0.50%498.78KJan 12View
Jan 04, 2023Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-15.71K$20.58-$323.21KSELL-1.02%1.53MJan 03View
Dec 23, 2022Robert A. HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-7.50K$20.06-$150.45KSELL-3.09%235.31KDec 21View
Dec 23, 2022Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-3.00K$20.00-$60.00KSELL-1.01%293.63KDec 21View
Dec 09, 2022Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-2.50K$19.58-$48.95KSELL-0.49%503.33KDec 08View
Dec 05, 2022Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-12.02K$18.84-$226.48KSELL-0.45%2.67MDec 01 - Dec 04View
Nov 17, 2022Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-1.01K$18.29-$18.51KSELL-0.07%1.53MNov 15View
Nov 16, 2022Bruce J LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER-2.00K$18.00-$36.00KSELL-0.67%296.63KNov 14View
Nov 15, 2022Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-16.25K$17.25-$280.31KSELL-1.05%1.53MNov 11 - Nov 14View
Nov 15, 2022Robert HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-2.50K$16.00-$40.00KSELL-1.02%242.81KNov 11View
Sep 09, 2022Gary BowmanPRESIDENT, CEO AND CHAIRMAN-5.00K$16.00-$80.00KSELL-0.18%2.70MSep 07 - Sep 08View
Aug 15, 2022Robert HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-2.50K$16.10-$40.25KSELL-1.01%245.31KAug 12View
May 09, 2022Robert A. HickeyCHIEF LEGAL OFFICER-2.50K$17.02-$42.55KSELL-0.95%260.69KMay 06View
Mar 10, 2022Michael BruenCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-1.80K$17.05-$30.69KSELL-0.35%516.27KMar 09View
Feb 14, 2022Gary BowmanCHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER-150.00K$16.00-$2.40MSELL-8.86%1.54MFeb 11View
May 12, 2021Daniel LefaivreDIRECTOR7.18K$14.00$25.20KBUY1.80KMay 11View
May 12, 2021Bruce LabovitzCHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER265.70K$14.00$2.80KBUY200.00May 11View



Is insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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