Dutch Bros
At close: Jun 14
After Hours: 7:49PM EDT

Dutch Bros (NYSE:BROS) Stock, Insider Trading Activity

Dutch Bros: Insider buying and selling updated today.

Insider Shares Owned
Insider Percentage Owned
Institutional Shares Held
Institutional Percentage Held
May 31, 2024TSG A Management LLCDutch Holdings LLCTSG A AIV VI LPTSG A AIV VI HoldingsA LPDG Coinvestor Blocker Aggregator LP-2.851047M$35.85-$122.03MSELL-100.00%0May 29View
May 31, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-16.452K$36.02-$592.57KSELL-2.53%634.543KMay 29View
May 31, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-248.346K$36.21-$8.99MSELL-19.75%1.008992MMay 29View
May 31, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-264.798K$36.20-$9.59MSELL-29.44%634.543KMay 29View
May 24, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-107.307K$36.26-$3.89MSELL-14.15%650.995KMay 22View
May 24, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-242.688K$35.63-$8.65MSELL-16.18%1.257338MMay 22 - May 23View
May 24, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-349.995K$35.82-$12.54MSELL-34.96%650.995KMay 22 - May 23View
May 22, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-282.876K$36.67-$10.37MSELL-15.87%1.500026MMay 20 - May 21View
May 22, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-280.937K$36.67-$10.30MSELL-27.03%758.302KMay 20 - May 21View
May 22, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-563.813K$36.67-$20.67MSELL-42.64%758.302KMay 20 - May 21View
May 20, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-14.919549M$36.94-$8.11MSELL-41.99%20.60774MMay 16 - May 17View
May 20, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-8.261361M$36.94-$8.13MSELL-36.84%14.16346MMay 16 - May 17View
May 20, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-23.43951M$36.94-$16.24MSELL-98.09%455.48KMay 16 - May 17View
May 15, 2024TSG A Management LLCDutch Holdings LLCTSG A AIV VI LPTSG A AIV VI HoldingsA LPDG Coinvestor Blocker Aggregator LP-10.996259M$34.65-$456.21MSELL-100.00%0May 13View
May 15, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-114.407K$36.16-$4.14MSELL-5.40%2.002376MMay 14View
May 15, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-22.468K$36.09-$810.94KSELL-1.75%1.259275MMay 14View
May 15, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-136.875K$36.15-$4.95MSELL-9.80%1.259275MMay 14View
May 14, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-27.224K$36.02-$980.56KSELL-2.08%1.281743MMay 13View
May 14, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-27.135K$36.02-$977.36KSELL-1.27%2.116783MMay 13View
May 14, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-54.359K$36.02-$1.96MSELL-4.07%1.281743MMay 13View
May 13, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-57.692K$36.03-$2.08MSELL-4.22%1.308967MMay 10View
May 13, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-57.586K$36.03-$2.07MSELL-2.62%2.143918MMay 10View
May 13, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-115.278K$36.03-$4.15MSELL-8.09%1.308967MMay 10View
Mar 28, 2024TSG A Management LLCDutch Holdings LLCTSG A AIV VI LPTSG A AIV VI HoldingsA LPDG Coinvestor Blocker Aggregator LP10% OWNER-6.37236M$33.88-$271.00MSELL-100.00%0Mar 26View
Mar 22, 2024Brian MaxwellCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-36.026K$35.12-$1.27MSELL-3.47%1.00362MMar 21View
Mar 22, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-98.017K$36.04-$3.53MSELL-12.72%672.439KMar 21View
Mar 22, 2024DM Trust Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-49.218K$36.04-$1.77MSELL-4.47%1.051178MMar 21View
Mar 22, 2024DM Individual Aggregator LLC10% OWNER-48.799K$36.04-$1.76MSELL-6.77%672.439KMar 21View
Mar 15, 2024Brian MaxwellCHIEF OPERATING OFFICER-1.474K$35.00-$51.59KSELL-0.14%1.039646MMar 14View
Mar 14, 2024Travis BoersmaEXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN BOARD-296.603K$34.31-$10.18MSELL-29.14%721.238KMar 13View



Is Insider trading legal?

Insider trading is legal so long as the insiders report those trades to the SEC. Illegal securities trading occurs when the insider is violating a fiduciary duty or fails to report their trades.

What are some examples of market manipulation?

Insider trading, pump and dump schemes, front running and wash trades are all examples of market manipulation. Investors who track insider asset movement should think carefully about why these insiders are trading their stocks before moving forward.

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