Sean Hacking
Founder & CEO
Theron Hawley
Lead Product Designer
Katrina Mounivong
Business Manager
Kayla Lopez
Creative Director
Daniel Hacking
Lead Mechanic & Product Tester
46 Digital Dr., STE. 2, Novato, CA 94949


Veer was founded to build what others dare not: belt drives that outperform chains and work seamlessly with any bike. Inspired by a simple yet disturbing notion: chain drives - the heart of any cycling experience - can be a total pain. There had to be a better way, one that didn’t involve crash-inducing chain derailment in the middle of a busy intersection, random grinding noises, constant adjustment, and rust. The search began in 2016, within the remote valleys of Northern California. Veer began work on their signature Split Belt™ system, thrashing it through the deepest grit and snow, constantly refining until it was deemed worthy. The trails can be unforgiving, and Veer rode hard enough to break traditional components. That's why Veer only crafts from the toughest materials: aerospace aluminum, stainless steel, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, and fully sealed bearings keep you riding farther. Veer's Split Belt™ may be the ultimate in robust simplicity, but their aim is much higher: to build full, wide-range drivetrains that shift so flawlessly you forget they’re there. Join Veer on this path less traveled!