Michael Mo
Chief Executive Officer
Keith Cochran
President & COO
Dr. Timothy Knowles
Chief Technology Officer
Simon Westbrook
Chief Financial Officer
Michael G. Carpenter
Vice President of Engineering
Greg Provenzano
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Antonio Martinez
Vice President of Operations
Michael Mo
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Timothy R. Knowles
Secretary, Director & Chief Technical Officer
Joanna D. Massey
Independent Director
Morio Kurosaki
Independent Director
4863 Shawline Street Suite B San Diego, CA 92111 United States

About KULR

As the world of electronics demands increasing processing power and further miniaturization and transportation into electrification, KULR’s disruptive, game:changing thermal management technology strives to solve the challenge of keeping electronics cooler, lighter, and safer in an ethical and environmentally sustainable manner. We aim to revolutionize this $7.5 billion a year industry.