João Vitor N. Menin T. de Souza,
Chief Executive Officer
Alexandre Riccio de Oliveira
Vice President of Technology, Operations and Finance
Marco Túlio Guimarães
Vice President of Banking Products
Ricardo Vescovi
Organizational Development
Ray Tarick Pereira Chalub
Operations Officer
Priscila Salles Vianna de Paula
Marketing & Customer Experience Officer
Guilherme Ximenes de Almeida
IT Officer
Helena Lopes Caldeira
Financial and Investor Relations Officer
Sebastião Luiz da Silva
Commercial Officer
Ana Luiza Franco Forattini
Legal Officer of Governance, Corporate Operations and Compliance
Lucas de Souza Bernardes
Security, Data Governance, Prevention of Money Laundering and Combat of Terrorism Financing Officer
Paulo Padilha
Interseguros Officer
Felipe Bottino
Chief Investment Officer
Thiago Garrides
Chief Risk Officer
André Jacques Luciano Uchoa Costa
Legal and Ombudsman Officer
Janderson de Miranda Facchin
Controllership Officer
Frederico Correa Ferreira de Melo
Commercial Officer
Leonardo Guimarães Corrêa
Treasury Officer
Rafaela Vitória
Research Officer
Rubens Menin Teixeira de Souza
Maria Fernanda Menin
Board Member
José Felipe Diniz
Board Member
Leonardo Guimarães Corrêa
Board Member
Cristiano Henrique Vieira Gomes
Board Member
Luiz Antônio França
Independent Board Member
André Maciel
Independent Board Member
Carlos Medeiros
Independent Board Member
Thiago Piau
Independent Board Member
Avenida Barbacena, 1219 Belo Horizonte, MG Brazil


One of the most important milestones in our journey to further expand growth potential and become a Global Super App.