LINKBROOD strategy to boost startup's traction 10X with effective press release coverage

LINKBROOD ensures that brands build quality backlinks from high-authority top-tier websites like NYTimes, Forbes, TechCrunch and more with real traffic as well as press release coverage.

The digital space is a tough nut to crack for most businesses, which is why brands like LINKBROOD are crucial. Born from its mother company Digibrood, LINKBROOD is helping companies boost their traction up to 10X by providing press release coverage and backlinking.

According to the founder of Digibrood, Krishnendu Das, startups need to nail their promotional campaigns from the get-go to build traction for their brands. While most companies result in slow-burn methods, backlinking and press coverage can boost a company’s standing in no time. He adds that the press release is one of the most crucial elements of conducting a successful promotional campaign. LINKBROOD steps in to help companies nail their promotions through blogger and public relations outreach services. “We help our clients get high-quality backlinks from high-authority, authentic blogs like Forbes, TechCrunch, NYTimes, etc., with real traffic.”

From the beginning, brands have to think about every little detail before launching their campaigns. LINKBROOD helps streamline the process through its team of experts. LINKBROOD will devise a strategy that fits the client’s requirements. This helps the client understand what it takes and how profitable it will be when applied. With that understanding, the client gets to choose a package that they would like from LINKBROOD, and they can get premium SEO backlinks. 

LINKBROOD simplifies the entire process by link prospecting, content writing, and link building and management. Essentially, the client provides targeted keyword and anchor text, and then the LINKBROOD expert team takes over the management of the campaign. LINKBROOD’s guest-post backlink services team identifies the best websites in a client’s niche, recommends the sites, and negotiates content for approval. LINKBROOD also has a content writing team that provides SEO-friendly content with relevant keywords. “We are capable of handling your entire link building and content development work.”

“Results and success can only be monitored clearly through statistics and numbers. We build your trust in us by being transparent and reporting the success of URLs, pages, and anchor text as soon as the content links are live on-site via white-label reports.”


LINKBROOD is a brand under DIGIBROOD. The brand is a trusted backlink-building and content-driven marketing provider with more than five years in the business. Through its 24/7 support and blogger outreach services, the brand has become a reliable go-to for startups where they can buy scalable link-building services at competitive prices. With its professional team of SEO experts and digital marketers, LINKBROOD delivers proven strategies and powerful business growth results.

About Digibrood:

Digibrood is a 360-degree digital solution hub that provides complete digital marketing solutions. The company boasts a rich history of success, a 50+ qualified in-house team of experts, and a full suite of digital marketing solutions, including Website Designing, Mobile App Development. Graphics designing, E-commerce Marketing, Telemarketing, and much more.

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