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October 20, 2022
Savvy Insurance
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If you’re looking for the cheapest rates and a hassle-free process, Savvy can help. Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into your account and tell Savvy who your current insurer is
  2. Savvy shops around for you, comparing plans available in your area against your current insurance (or lack of!) to find the most competitive rates.
  3. See something you like? Savvy will help you switch coverage.

And that’s it! Savvy is 100% free to use and offers instant results.

According to Savvy, 40% of its users find a cheaper plan than their current one.

The only downside to Savvy is that you can’t complete an application on the Savvy website; you need to click over to the insurance company’s website or call to apply.

Still, its tailored recommendations can save you time and money. If you don’t have auto coverage, or if you’re concerned you’re overpaying, use Savvy to find the cheapest rate.

Best For
  • Concerns about overpaying for auto insurance
  • Saving time when you don’t want to visit several websites for auto insurance quotes
  • First-time auto coverage
  • Multiple quotes for auto coverage
  • Recommendations for the best option in your area
  • Ability to connect your current policy for more accurate quotes
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • You can’t connect your policy for every major carrier
  • Some of the recommendations are for other sites that provide quotes

Savvy Insurance Ratings at a Glance

Savvy Application Process
Savvy User Benefits
Savvy User Experience
Savvy Car Insurance Review Overall Rating

In most states, you are required to have some form of car insurance to legally drive your car. But because there are so many car insurance companies, it can be confusing to decide which one to use. If you're looking for the best rate on your car insurance, Savvy may be able to help. Read our Savvy Car Insurance Review to find out more.

Savvy Car Insurance Review: How Savvy Insure Works

Savvy isn’t an insurance company. Instead, it connects you with partners to get a quote. The process is really simple. 

First, you visit Savvy’s website. Next, click on “Start Saving.” From there, you can click on your insurance company if you currently have insurance or click on the option that you don’t currently have insurance. 

If you don’t have insurance, Savvy will recommend the best insurance companies or insurance quote sites for someone who isn’t insured in your area. You can click on the options and then get quotes by entering your information on the recommended websites or by calling the insurance company. 

If you already have insurance, Savvy uses Trellis to check your current insurance information. This way, Savvy can find the best options based on the insurance coverage you currently have. If you opt to use Trellis, you’ll be asked to enter the login information for your current insurance. The information is encrypted, and Trellis doesn’t share your login data. 

Once you enter your login information, Savvy asks you to confirm your insurance details. Based on those particulars, it recommends several insurance companies or quote sites. You can click on the recommendations and either be connected to a website where you can apply for coverage or get a phone number to call for more information and sign up for coverage. 

Savvy Application Process

Savvy’s questionnaire is brief and easy to use. You can get quotes in just a few clicks, and the whole process takes just a few minutes. The process is intuitive and doesn’t require you to dig up your current insurance information to get an accurate quote. All you need is your login information for your current auto insurance policy if you currently have coverage. 

Savvy User Benefits

Savvy simplifies the process of getting quotes for car insurance. It provides several quotes based on your current coverage or recommends the best options in your area if you don’t have coverage. Using Savvy is free, so there’s nothing to lose by checking to see if you qualify for a cheaper insurance policy. 

Savvy User Experience

Savvy offers a positive user experience. It’s easy to navigate and provides exactly what it says it will. You do need to click over to the recommended insurance company and enter your information to apply for a policy, and you can’t enter your login information for certain insurance carriers. Those are relatively minor issues, however. 

Savvy vs. Competitors

How does Savvy stack up against its competitors in our Savvy Car Insurance review? It has a much simpler quote process compared to other sites. You don’t need to have your driver’s license, VIN and other information to get an initial quote. Savvy uses your location and/or your current insurance information to find cheaper insurance options, so you have useful information in just a few clicks. 

Savvy Car Insurance Review Overall Rating

Savvy promises instant results and 100% free service. You can get an estimated quote for auto insurance in just a few clicks, or you can request a more accurate quote by entering your login information if you have coverage with certain major carriers. Overall, Savvy lives up to its promises. It takes the tedious process of getting quotes for auto insurance and makes it relatively painless. 

You do have to go to the insurance company’s website to apply for a policy. That’s because Savvy isn’t an insurance company or broker; it’s there to provide quotes and help you save money on insurance. It helps 40% of its users find less expensive coverage, so it’s worth a visit. Its services are completely free, and the entire process takes just a few minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Is Savvy legit?


Savvy is legitimate. It partners with hundreds of insurers to offer you the best rates in your area. It’s completely free to use and has a clear privacy policy that you can review on its website. Trellis, the service Savvy employs to pull in your current insurance information, uses encryption to protect your personal information and doesn’t share your login credentials with Savvy. It’s safe to use and a simple way to find out if you can save money on your auto insurance. 


What is the best car insurance company?


The best insurance company for you depends on several factors. Insurance companies look at your driving history, how long you’ve been driving, where you live, how much you drive and the type of vehicle you have when deciding how much you’ll pay for coverage. Some companies also look at your credit history. Each company has its own prices, so you can receive very different quotes based on where you apply for coverage. 


Savvy can help you compare quotes so you can find out which options are the cheapest. You’ll also want to consider the reputation of the insurance company, what’s included in your coverage and what discounts you’re eligible for when deciding which insurance company is best for you. For example, some companies offer discounts for having multiple policies (like auto and homeowners insurance). You may also receive a discount if you have multiple vehicles insured under the same policy. 


Savvy is a good starting point for finding affordable car insurance, but you’ll want to dig a bit deeper to find the best insurance company for your needs.


Is Savvy easy to use?


When looking for a site that allows you compare car insurance quotes, Savvy is one of the easiest to use.

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