10 Financial Instagram Accounts To Follow

10 Financial Instagram Accounts To Follow

Twitter Inc TWTR has long been the town square of the finance community online, but Facebook's FB Instagram is emerging as another platform with accounts filled with valuable insights on — and sometimes pure parody of — the financial world.

Benzinga wanted to highlight 10 financial Instagram accounts to follow, aside from our own. The term "finstagram" has already been reserved for something entirely different, however.


Mrs. Dow Jones calls herself a financial pop star, and her account is filled with hilarious financial memes that she shares to nearly 80,000 followers.


Another financial meme Instagram with over 115,000 followers, this feed will keep you scrolling for hours if you’re not careful.


Similar to the popular Overheard in LA and Overheard in New York accounts, Overheard on Wall Street is another must-follow parody account, but you have to hit the follow button because it is a private account.


One of the most popular financial Instagram accounts out there. It's a must-follow.


"Your daddy has a finance guy, and I’m not him." 


No list would be complete without the "Chief Meme Officer of FinTwit," Ramp Capital. Ramp Capital has taken its talents to Instagram, and it does not disappoint.


An O.G. in the social media finance world.


The best dad jokes in the social media finance world. 


Goldman Sachs Group Inc GS CEO David Solomon’s alter ego as an EDM DJ.


Celebrating the trading lifestyle and all the lavish lifestyle accoutrements that come with it.

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