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SNL's 7 Best 'Weekend Update' Skits

SNL's 7 Best 'Weekend Update' Skits

This August, Comcast Corporation's (NASDAQ: CMCSA) NBC will be spinning off Saturday Night Live’s iconic satirical news segment Weekend Update into its own weekly show. In light of the news, Benzinga compiled a totally subjective list of what we believe are the seven best skits and characters in Weekend Update History.

Here’s what we came up with.

Honorable Mention

"You guessed it..." Norm Macdonald's frequent callouts to entertainer Frank Stallone.

7. Jacob Silj (Will Ferrell)

Silj suffered from a rare and debilitating condition known as Voice Immodulation Syndrome, which he repeatedly assured viewers was a “recognized psycho-medical condition.”

6. Judy Grimes (Kristen Wiig)

Travel expert Judy Grimes suffered from a tad bit of stage fright every time she would appear on Update, leading her to reel off long strings of nervous jokes followed quickly by repeated assurances that she was “just kidding.”

5. Tommy Flanagan (Jon Lovitz)

Somehow, the pathological liar’s stories always seemed a bit too good to be true, like how he used to be married to Morgan Fairchild and had therefore seen her naked “more than once.”

4. Hollywood Minute (David Spade)

David Spade may not have invented sarcasm-fueled celebrity roasting, but he certainly perfected the art on Weekend Update.

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3. David Paterson (Fred Armisen)

Armisen’s portrayal of blind former New York governor David Paterson shouldn’t have been funny. However, Armisen made it impossible not to laugh when he always managed to get disoriented enough to wander into the shot after his segment was concluded.

2. Mr. Subliminal (Kevin Nealon)

While on the surface it seemed like Mr. Subliminal was presenting a balanced and objective take on the news, viewers never seemed to have trouble reading between the lines to uncover his true feelings.

1. Stefon (Bill Hader)

The eccentric New York City tour guide always had a unique way of describing a Big Apple experience, such as club Wesh, which was run by a 9-year-old Tokyo pimp and full of “Teddy Gram people.”

Image: Brennen Schmidt, Flickr


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