Invesco Stock Plummets 5% Amid Yield Curve Inversion: Can The Company Stay Afloat During A Recession?

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  • Invesco stock lost 5% after the treasury bond yield curve inverted yesterday.
  • The company's financials remain in the negative through the fourth quarter of 2021.
Invesco Stock Plummets 5% Amid Yield Curve Inversion: Can The Company Stay Afloat During A Recession?

Following the treasury bond yield curve inversion on July 5, Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc IVR stock took a massive hit.

What Happened: At 10:45 a.m. Wednesday (July 6), Invesco’s stock price dropped to $15.12 which is a decrease of over 5%, according to Benzinga Pro.

Today’s hit to the stock price comes after the yield curve inverted yesterday. 

The yield of treasury bonds has a direct correlation to the rate at which a banker will make interest after lending money to a client. If the curve is inverted, then it becomes harder for a banker to make money.

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Invesco Mortgage seeks to derive money from real estate loans and if it remains difficult for bankers to make money on a mortgage, then the company will continue to suffer.

In the fourth quarter of 2021, Invesco’s net income remained in the negative with a reported net income of -$64.647 million. It then reported a net income of –$228.422 million to start 2022.

These figures represent a 453.38% decrease in the company’s net income.

Why It Matters: If Invesco continues to lose money at this rate, the company could possibly face bankruptcy.

It becomes more evident every day that the U.S. economy is heading, if not already in, a recession, and if Invesco doesn’t figure out how to make money again, the company could shut down.

During times of economic hardships, people are more hesitant to take out a mortgage as one is less likely to purchase a home during a recession. Seeing that Invesco is solely based on mortgages, the company must figure out a way to pivot its business practices to survive the upcoming economic slump.

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