Tesla Boosts Supercharger Network Access For Non-Tesla EVs Across US

Tesla Inc. TSLA is expanding access to its Magic Dock Superchargers for non-Tesla electric cars across North America, Electrek reported.

The company has been working over the past two years to open its Supercharger network to vehicles outside its own brand. Tesla has already initiated this expansion in Europe, where its charging stations use the same connectors as all EVs, making the transition easier.

In North America, the situation was more complex due to Tesla’s use of its own proprietary connector, which it opened up to the market last year. Several automakers have announced they will adopt this connector, making it the unofficial new standard.

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Transition to this standard will take a few years, starting with an adapter and later, direct integration in non-Tesla EVs by 2025. Meanwhile, Tesla has rolled out a technology called “Magic Dock” at select Supercharger stations, serving as a new receiver for the Tesla charge connector that can act as an adapter.

Earlier this year, Tesla launched new Supercharger stations equipped with Magic Dock to accommodate non-Tesla EVs. After a pause in new installations, Tesla has recently expanded Magic Dock Superchargers to several new stations and states, indicating continued investment in this solution.

Nonetheless, the deployment remains limited, but the company is gradually expanding beyond coastal regions and Texas, launching new stations in Utah, Colorado, Michigan, and Washington State.

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