Putin's Sanction-Hit Russia Asks India For Over 500 Products To Keep Key Sectors Running

Putin's Sanction-Hit Russia Asks India For Over 500 Products To Keep Key Sectors Running

Amid western sanctions, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has reached out to India to source more than 500 products, including parts for cars, aircraft and trains.

What Happened: As sanctions imposed on Moscow for its invasion of Ukraine squeezed Russia's ability to keep vital industries running, the country reached out to India for the potential delivery of essential products, four sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. 

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The report noted that the publication saw the provisional list; however, it is unclear how many of the items from the list will eventually be exported and in what quantity.

An unnamed source associated with the Indian government said the request was unusual in its scope. Meanwhile, the source noted that India wants to boost trade with Russia as it eyes to narrow a ballooning trade deficit with Putin’s country. 

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has also asked large companies to supply lists of raw materials and equipment needed, according to an industry source in Russia. 

The sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its European allies have crippled supplies of some crucial products in Russia. The country’s aviation sector is facing an acute shortage of parts as almost all planes are internationally manufactured. And its automobile parts market is in the doldrums as all major global automakers have left the market.

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