Kim Jong Un Fired Missile Similar To One Putin Used In Ukraine War, Says South Korea After Finding Debris

South Korea said Kim Jong Un used a similar surface-to-surface missile that Russian President Vladimir Putin is using for his war in Ukraine, a day after North Korea denied arm-dealing with Russia

What Happened: Days after Kim’s isolated nation fired a barrage of missiles toward Seoul, with one of them crossing the Northern Limit Line, Seoul military said the debris revealed that Pyongyang used an “SA-5” missile type, reported Reuters.

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It said the interagency analysis of the debris, which is around three meters long and two meters wide, showed it is of an “SA-5” surface-to-air missile, given its appearance and feature.

“The SA-5 also has characteristics of a surface-to-surface missile, and Russia has used similar missiles in Ukraine for surface-to-surface attacks,” the defense ministry said.

The SA-5 is an air defense missile that the Soviet Union originally designed to shoot down strategic bombers and other high-altitude targets.

The debris was discovered by a South Korean Navy ship that used an underwater probe to recover the missile. 

Meanwhile, North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile into the sea on Wednesday after Seoul made a statement about the discovered missile debris.

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