Apple-1 Computer Signed By Co-Founder Could Fetch $485,000 In Auction

A fully-functional Apple-1 computer that has been autographed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will be put up for auction on eBay, Inc. EBAY on Thursday.

The rare Apple product is owned by Jimmy Grewal, the founder of the "AAPL Collection" private museum.

"A complete working example, referred to as "Schlumberger 2" Apple-1, will be auctioned online on eBay from June 2nd until June 12th, 2022," AAPL Collection said on its website.

The computer is expected to fetch $485,000 at the auction.

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The Apple-1 was the very first computer designed by Woznick in 1976 and was assembled at the house of Steve Jobs' parents. This Apple-1 computer has almost all of its original components, including a keyboard, monitor and cassette player from that period.

Its original owner was an oil executive who worked for Schlumberger Limited SLB in New York. He subsequently took it to Europe and Grewal managed to pick it up from a Christie's auction. Wozniak's sign was secured on the CPU of the Apple-1 computer when Grewal met him in Dubai in 2021.

Dubai-based Grewal has one of the most comprehensive collections of vintage, iconic, rare and unusual Apple computers and accessories in the world. He began collecting vintage Apple products in 1995 while studying at Duke University and now has about 200 Apple computers as well as numerous accessories and memorabilia.

Grewal said he will use the proceeds from the sale of the Apple-1 computer to conduct more exhibitions that will enable the public to see the collection.

Photo: Courtesy of Ed Uthman via Wikimedia

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