India's PM Modi Hints He Is Likely To Seek A Third Term In Office

India's PM Modi Hints He Is Likely To Seek A Third Term In Office

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hinted that he is ready for another term in office as his currently-ruling party, BJP, completes straight 8 years of being in power at the center.

What Happened: Modi virtually addressed the 'Utkarsh Samaroh' gathering in Bharuch, Gujarat, where beneficiaries of four Central Government schemes were assembled. The leader said that he would not rest until "100%" coverage of government schemes was achieved in the country.

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Modi told the gathering that once a "very senior" opposition leader — whom he didn't name but said he respects a lot — told him, "Modiji, now what else do you want to do? The country has made you prime minister twice."

The senior opposition leader implied that "becoming prime minister twice was a huge achievement," the prime minister said.

"He does not know that this Modi is made of something else…it is the soil of Gujarat that has shaped him. It is not enough that I should rest now, (thinking) that everything that has happened is good…No…My dream is saturation…meet your target 100%. Get the government machinery into a habit, create faith in the citizens,"  The India Express quoted Modi.

Why It Matters: The last general elections in India were held in 2019, and the subsequent Indian general elections are scheduled to be held in 2024. If Modi successfully becomes the PM of India for the third time, he would dethrone the former prime minister of India and opposition leader Indira Gandhi — to be the second longest-serving prime minister of India.

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