Trending On Twitter: #StockMarketCrash Brings Out Anger, Patience And Silliness

Zinger Key Points
  • Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
  • Is it time to buy, sell or blame others?

One of the hashtags that snagged trending status on Twitter TWTR today is #stockmarketcrash. The interpretation of this phrase runs the gamut from partisan outrage to reminders of keeping calm to a few attempts at finding fun in the wreckage.

Who’s To Blame: To no one’s surprise, the hashtag generated different responses from the opposite sides of the political aisle.

On the left, Grant Stern, executive editor at Occupy Democrats, offered a recent history lesson by tweeting, "There was a massive #stockmarketcrash two years ago when the Republican President intentionally downplayed COVID and botched the response leading to thousands of preventable deaths.”

On the right, Carmine Sabia, editor of The Federalist Papers, questioned how Democratic strategists might try to divert attention from Wall Street’s tumult, tweeted, “Ok lets see. #BitcoinCrash, #StockMarketCrash, #No Baby Formula, Inflation hitting records, gas prices hitting records. And you think abortion is going to save you in the midterms.”

Artie McKinnis, product marketing specialist, offered common ground by recalling how both parties may have contributed to the situation through their COVID-19 stimulus efforts.

“#stockmarketcrash The Trillions of Pandemic Relief went to ... (1) Dark Pool Abuse for Retail Trading (2) Pay for Order Flow / front running trades (3) abusive short selling with Fails-to-Deliver. At some point, the piper starts playing," he tweeted.

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Panic-Free Zone: Some financial experts urged investors not to be spooked by the markets’ oscilloscope behavior.

“I’ve had so many messages now people asking me if they should quickly sell their investments - including my dad who I could tell was desperate to say ‘told you so,’” tweeted financial journalist Kalpana Fitzpatrick. “This is a tough tough time but sit tight and ride it out. #investing #stockmarketcrash”

“People are almost mad if you’re positive about stocks at all,” opined Linda P. Jones, host of the Be Wealthy and Smart podcast. “They say you r a dumbs#!+ if you don’t think the market is going lower. Everyone is bearish. My work shows a rip roaring bull market is not far off. #contrarian #AMC #GME #stockmarketcrash #marketcrash”

“A properly diversified plan protects you from a #stockmarketcrash & a #Cryptocrash,” stated Natalie Pace, author of “The Power of 8 Billion: It's Up to Us.” “NOW is the time to get it. History suggests that the pain is not over yet.”

And the Twitter account InvestorDUR chimed in by tweeting, “Did you sell? Panic? Call it a relief rally if you want. But I'm going to ride it. #stockmarketcrash Buying here. What? Well, you can imagine.”

Contrarian Considerations: And then, there were those who had iconoclastic views of the situation.

Derek Quinn, a stock trader and filmmaker, looked beyond stocks and crypto, tweeting, “Rip everything. Cash is king. #uranium #stockmarketcrash”

The Twitter account Cannabis Food is our Healthcare had several thoughts going on at once in tweeting, “Capitalism is Fascism by Rule of Law. Stock Market is for Global #Oligarchy not for American Workers. Empire of Lies #China has the right path for #COVID19 not #USA We need Public Healthcare, Education, Housing, end State Rights and Prohibition of Cannabis as food #stockmarketcrash.”
And actor/film student Joe Pransky managed to find some humor in the crisis:

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