This Third-Party Apple Watch Strap Lets You Measure Body Fat And Water Level

This Third-Party Apple Watch Strap Lets You Measure Body Fat And Water Level

A new accessory for the Apple, Inc. AAPL Watch will now let you measure body composition, including your body fat and water content.

This utility feature is added to the Apple Watch through a third-party wearable accessory called the Aura Strap 2. The second-generation Aura Strap 2 is developed by health and fitness company Aura. The accessory lets you keep a tab on your body fat, muscles, water and many more parameter changes over the workout or diet process.

The company promotes it with the tagline "build the body of your dream with the new Strap."

This is how Strap 2 works: Once you open the Aura App on your Apple Watch, then touch and hold the sensors on the Strap 2 for 30 seconds, measurement data and trends will be made available on both your Apple Watch and iPhone. The accessory connects to the Apple Watch through BLE 4.2 protocol.

The Aura Strap 2 reportedly wouldn't be performing constant analysis or health data collection. Instead, the sensors collect information using bioelectrical analysis facilitated by the completion of a circuit between electrodes and the user's body.

The Aura Strap 2 is compatible with the Apple Watch Series 3 to 7 and the Aura App is fully compatible with Apple HealthKit. It is priced at $149.

Incidentally, Samsung began incorporating a body composition measurement feature from its Galaxy Watch 4 iteration introduced in 2021, and Amazon, Inc. AMZN Halo Band also has this feature.

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