Apple's EV Map Routing Feature Finally Comes To Ford Mustang Mach-Es

Ford Motor Co F said on Monday Apple Inc’s AAPL electric vehicle routing feature for Apple Maps is now available on its Mustang Mach-E vehicles.

What Happened: Apple’s EV routing feature creates a route to a users’ preferred destination that includes a charging station along the way and is activated through Apple CarPlay.

The Apple CarPlay feature allows iPhone users to integrate and play their smartphone's functions with the car's entertainment systems.

Apple first revealed the feature in 2020, the same year when Ford began selling the Mustang Mach-E.

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How Does It Work?: Ford said the feature is available only for the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E and 2021 variant of the EV in many SYNC software versions. Mach-E owners who don't have a specific SYNC version will receive this feature later through a Ford update. 

Mach-E owners will have to download iOS 15.4 on their iPhones and Ford’s Power-Up update version 2.3.0 on their EVs to use the feature.

Once activated, the EV routing feature will display the estimated battery charge of the vehicle at the end of the trip.

Price Action: Ford stock closed 2.25% lower at $16.5 a share and Apple closed 0.85% higher at $165.4 a share.

Photo courtesy: Ford

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