Elon Musk Gives Updates On AI Day, FSD 'Beta Button' And Subscription: What You Need To Know

Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk praised his company's artificial intelligence and autopilot efforts and gave some details on the company’s efforts in these areas.

What Happened: Taking to Twitter on Wednesday evening, Musk said that Tesla was “making excellent progress solving real-world AI.”

The executive disclosed that Tesla would make the “beta button” available next month. The button would enable any Tesla vehicle user to download the company’s full-self driving software and become a tester.

Musk in a response to a question on Twitter said that the FSD subscription would also be available next month. 

The entrepreneur said autopilot restrictions in the European Union will be addressed by this summer in a separate tweet.

Musk said that the company’s fans can expect an “AI day” in late July.

Why It Matters: Last month, Musk had said that due to high levels of demand the “Download Beta” button would be added to the Service section of the car display in approximately 10 days.

The button will reportedly allow anyone with a $10,000 FSD feature to beta test the software.

In March, Tesla revoked access to FSD for a driver who did not pay heed to the road. At the time, the feature was available to nearly 2,000 users. 

Musk had said last month that the next major release of FSD was “going with pure vision — not even using radar.”

Previously, the executive had said that the FSD subscriptions would launch by June.

Price Action: Tesla shares closed nearly 4% lower at $732.23 on Wednesday.

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