Google's Redesigned Logo Mirrors Apple's iOS 7 (AAPL, GOOG)

First there was a push for
flatter stomachs
. Then flat-screen monitors began to
our oversized television sets. Now flat electronics sit on our pockets, just waiting to be used. Soon the software industry may replace its bold, multi-dimensional icons with those that are unusually flat. This concept started with
, which may have been inspired by the technology featured in the film
Minority Report
. The iPhone creator may have also been inspired by the way words and data digitally appeared on screen in the film
Stranger Than Fiction
. In iOS 7, flat icons are a new standard. Apple presumably did this to enhance the
overall background depth
, which makes it appear that the icons are hovering over the home screen's background image. It's a cool effect, but it might not be much more than a visual gimmick designed to lure new users. Not to be outdone, it seems that
is interested in joining the "flat" bandwagon. While the search engine giant has not indicated that it will turn Android into an iOS 7 clone, Google is currently testing a flat logo that may one day appear on its homepage.
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uncovered the revised logo, which is as flat and simple-looking as an iOS 7 icon. It has lost the shading, shadow and lighting effects that make the current Google logo appear to be somewhat dimensional. When looking at the new logo, users will no longer feel like it is something real that they can touch.

Image Source: 9to5Google
Why would Google make these changes? It could be that the tech industry is beginning to realize that everything in
Minority Report
-- self-driving cars, displays that are everywhere, automated door greeters at retail -- will eventually come true. There is already
that this is occurring. If those things are becoming a reality, it's not a stretch to think that the unusual smartphones featured in
Robot & Frank
may not be far behind. In that film, Frank (played by Frank Langella) uses a
transparent smartphone
with visuals that are not unlike the ones being introduced in iOS 7. Disclosure:
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