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Four Reasons Why StreetID Should be the Number-One Social Network on Wall Street


If you're an everyday business professional, you have LinkedIn. If you're a techie wanting to share links and quick, witty comments, you have Twitter.

If you're a college student looking to post status updates every hour, you have Facebook. And if you're a trader, you have Benzinga Pro.

If, however, you're a financial professional looking to make a real connection within the financial community, where do you turn? Go to Google and type “financial social network” into the search box and you'll get a list of boring forums, outdated websites, and numerous results that lack relevancy. Despite the rise in social media, no one has tapped into the potential for a social network that's completely dedicated to the financial community.

But we have. We are StreetID, a new financial career matchmaking site that matches your work experience with employer needs to discover new and exciting career opportunities.

We are so convinced that we have what it takes to meet your needs that we have compiled a list of the top four reasons why StreetID should be the number-one social network on Wall Street.

4. StreetID is the Only Social Network That Was Specifically Designed for Financial Professionals

Whereas Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks merely have a group or a page and a Like button dedicated to the financial community, StreetID's entire social network was built from the ground up for financial professionals.

3. StreetID Does Not Focus on Anything or Anyone But You

Unlike other social networking sites, we are not preoccupied with unnecessary elements. We don't waste time coming up with new ways to spam you or the people in your social circle. Rather, our goal is to connect you with other financial professionals and to set you up with the most compatible career opportunities.

2. StreetID is a Place for Career Advancement

As a financial career matchmaking site, StreetID is more than just a social network. When you come to StreetID, you essentially tell the financial community that while you may be completely content with your current position, you are interested in hearing about new opportunities.

1. StreetID is Anonymous

StreetID is the only social network that assures anonymity is maintained until the user has elected to open communication with a prospective employer.

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