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USAA Auto Insurance Review

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1 Minute Review

USAA provides insurance, banking, and financial services to U.S. armed forces members, veterans, and qualified family members. Consistently ranked among top insurers for customer satisfaction, this insurer seeks to provide quality coverage at affordable pricing.

Best For

  • Active military members
  • Veterans
  • Spouses and children of USAA members


  • Complete line of insurance, banking, and investment services
  • Easy online forms to quote and bind policies
  • Top-rated customer satisfaction


  • Very few physical locations
  • Only available to select groups, generally tied to military service and the relatives of members

Who's USAA auto insurance for?

If you’re among the roughly 20 million U.S. households of active service members or veterans, or if you are a spouse or child of a USAA member, you may be eligible for an insurance policy with USAA. Offering a wide selection of insurance products ranging from home and auto insurance to business insurance and even pet insurance, USAA has met the diverse insurance and financial services needs of its customers since 1922.

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USAA vehicle insurance policy types

USAA often offers a better selection of vehicle insurance than some of its competitors and brings a product lineup to the market that meets the needs of most families, even those households with several types of vehicles.

USAA offers these types of vehicle insurance:

  • Auto (cars, vans, light trucks)
  • Motorcycle/moped/ATV
  • Motorhome/RV
  • Boat/personal watercraft
  • Antique and collectible cars

USAA auto insurance policy options

Coverage options and costs were clearly itemized on our test quote with the ability to change coverage options and see the price difference if higher or lower coverage options are chosen, or declined altogether.


Required by law in most states, liability coverage pays toward two types of liability: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Coverage amount options begin at $15,000 and go up to $1,000,000 for bodily injury liability in most states. Property damage liability options begin at $5,000 and go as high as $100,000. Most homeowners choose at least $100,000 per person for bodily injury liability and $50,000 for property damage liability coverage.


Auto insurance collision coverage is for damage caused to an insured vehicle due to impact with another vehicle or a stationary object, or for damage sustained in a vehicle rollover. This coverage pays toward repair or replacement of your vehicle based on actual cash value, which is a depreciating value as your car ages.


Vehicles can be damaged in many ways besides collision, including falling branches, broken glass, fire, theft, or vandalism. These perils, along with some others, fall under comprehensive coverage on an automobile policy.


Medical care for you and other drivers on your policy is usually covered in one of two ways, depending on your state of residence. The most common options will be med pay or personal injury protection, the latter of which provide some additional coverages in the states in which it’s available.

Car Replacement Assistance

In the event of a total loss due to a covered claim, if car replacement assistance coverage is chosen, USAA will pay an additional 20% above the actual cash value of the vehicle involved in the claim. This optional coverage is surprisingly affordable, quoted at a couple of dollars per month for an older vehicle, and helps to bridge the gap between the insurance payout in a claim and the real-world cost of replacing that vehicle.

Road service 

As an option, USAA offers roadside assistance to policyholders. Coverages include towing, flat tire repair, jump-starts, and fuel delivery if you run out of gas.

Accident Forgiveness 

USAA provides an option to add accident forgiveness to your auto insurance policy, which prevents rates from rising after an at-fault accident. The company also offers accident forgiveness free of charge after 5 years without an at-fault accident.

Rental Reimbursement

Consumers can choose the amount of coverage they want toward rental reimbursement if their vehicle is temporarily out of service due to a covered comprehensive or collision claim.

Rideshare Gap Protection 

Drivers who use their personal vehicles for rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft may not be aware of gaps in coverage with many auto insurers. USAA provides an option to add coverage for individual vehicles that covers the gap in rideshare applications.

Policy Options Rating: 5 Stars

Available discounts and tips on getting the best rates

Homeowner Discount

Many insurers now provide a discount for being a homeowner. USAA also offers a discount for bundling home insurance or renters insurance with an auto insurance policy.

Multi-car discount

Adding vehicles to your policy creates a multi-car discount on all the vehicles on your policy.

Length of Membership 

Staying with USAA for your auto insurance can earn an additional discount over time.

Safe Driver Discounts 

USAA customers who have maintained a good driving record for over three years can earn a discount that rewards their safe driving.

Defensive Driving Safety Course

Completing an approved defensive driving course can reduce premiums through this discount.

Driver Training Discount 

Students or young drivers who have completed an approved driver training course can help to reduce auto insurance costs with this discount through USAA.

Vehicle Storage

Vehicles that are kept in storage may be eligible for a discount of up to 60%.

Annual Mileage

USAA customers can earn a discount based on the number of miles they drive in a year. Lower mileage use can lead to savings on premiums.

Good Student Discount

In most states, discounts are available for good students, helping to reduce the cost of younger drivers on your policy.

Available Discount Rating: 5 Stars

USAA auto insurance coverage selections

Important Coverages and Considerations

The primary coverage areas for an auto insurance policy are generally standardized but rules and coverage options may vary by state.


Required by law in nearly every state, liability coverage pays toward two types of liability: bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Drivers have exposure to both of these types of liability and can help to protect themselves financially by choosing coverage levels which best protect their assets. However, an important thing to understand in regard to either of these driving-related liability types is that assets have no bearing on the amount awarded in a liability judgement. If you can’t cover a liability judgment and don’t have adequate insurance to pay the judgment, you are still responsible for payment. With this in mind, common choices for liability coverage begin at $100,000 per person for bodily injury liability and $50,000 for property damage liability. These coverage limit options are higher than the state required minimum levels in most states but provide better financial protection for customers.


Auto insurance collision coverage pays towards the repair of your vehicle if damaged due to an impact with another vehicle, a stationary object, or in vehicle rollovers. Collision coverage insures the actual cash value of your vehicle, which means how much your vehicle is worth as it depreciates. Coverage is subject to a deductible amount which can be chosen by customers. The deductible is subtracted from any claim payments. The combination of a high-deductible with the constantly depreciating value of a vehicle can result in a claim payment much lower than expected. Generally, a deductible of $500 to $1,000 provides the best compromise between savings and managing financial exposure.


Fire, theft, vandalism, impact with animals, other damage caused by animals, and glass breakage are covered perils under comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Sometimes consumers choose a high deductible for comprehensive coverage, matching the deductible they’ve chosen for collision coverage, but the savings on premiums generally don’t justify a higher deductible. In a test quote, we raised the deductible for comprehensive coverage from $500 up to the maximum of $2,000 on an older vehicle. This change saved $8 per month. However, choosing $2,000 as a deductible also effectively prevents all smaller claims and takes a big chunk out of the payment on a larger claims. In a sense, choosing high deductibles is a form of self-insurance.


Medical payments, usually structured as med pay or as personal injury protection (depending on state), pay toward the medical payments for you or other drivers insured on your policy. While USAA has an excellent online form to quote and bind auto insurance, it may be best to discuss this option with one of their agents or to research your options prior to buying a policy. Alongside liability coverage, medical coverage can create the most financial exposure if not structured properly for your individual needs.

Testing for real-world savings

We put USAA to the test on price. In our example quote for auto insurance, we used a household with two cars and two drivers, one of which had an at-fault accident within the past five years. Using this example, we found a savings of over $100 per month with USAA auto insurance when compared with the rate quoted by a well-known competitor, among the largest auto insurers in the U.S.

However, when quoting homeowners insurance through USAA and comparing rates against the same nationally-known competitor, USAA’s homeowners insurance rates came in slightly higher. When looking at the combined overall rates and taking advantage of bundling discounts available from both insurers, USAA proved to have a meaningful price advantage, but the savings on auto insurance were particularly attractive on their own.

Other types of insurance offered by USAA

USAA does offer a discount for bundling auto insurance with home insurance. However, in our quote tests, we found their auto insurance product to be priced more competitively than some other insurance products they offer. Rates differ for each individual or family and their individual insurance needs, so your rate quote experience may vary.

USAA also offers

  • Home Insurance
  • Rental Property Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Motorcycle
  • Marine
  • Valuable Personal Articles
  • Event Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Flood Insurance

Completeness of Line Rating: 4 Stars

Customer service


Customers doing business with USAA usually do so by phone, by mail, or online. The company does offer a select few physical locations but most customers should expect service by phone or through USAA’s website.


We found USAA’s website to be very useful and its online quote process to be fast and informative. However, some important coverages weren’t explained in depth on the form, creating a risk of uninformed decisions for customers buying coverage. Working with an agent allows the opportunity to ask questions as they arise and to better understand key coverages.

Mobile App 

USAA offers a highly-rated mobile app, allowing customers to access their policies with USAA and make payments. Customers can also place claims or view Insurance ID cards through the company’s mobile app.

Customer Service Rating: 4 Stars

Claims support

USAA’s claims support is among the best in the business, with its customers awarding the insurer five stars for overall satisfaction in JD Power’s 2017 Insurance shopping survey. This insurer is among the few that couple attractive rates with industry-leading customer service. The possibility of a claim is a primary reason that we buy insurance and it’s comforting to find insurers that take their commitment to claims satisfaction to heart.

Claims can be placed by phone, through USAA’s mobile app, or online. Claim status can also be monitored online for with the mobile app.

Claims Support Rating: 5 Stars

Consumer ratings

In JD Power’s 2017 Insurance Shopping Study, USAA scored 5 out of 5 stars in all categories for which the company was surveyed. These categories included policy offerings, pricing, call center service, company website, and overall satisfaction. Most major insurers had at least one rating of 4 stars and sometimes much lower in at least one of the survey categories.


A.M. Best Rating: A++


Pricing and value

USAA was awarded five stars for pricing by customer surveyed in JD Power’s 2017 Insurance Shopping Study. We found this rating to be well-justified based on our test quotes, which offered a significant savings for auto insurance. Other insurance types may not be priced as competitively for some individuals, so it’s recommended to get a few quotes before making a buying decision.

While price is an important consideration in many households, overall value is the truest measure of an insurance policy. Choosing an insurer with a lower rate but which delays or denies valid claims isn’t particularly valuable. USAA’s consumer ratings provide testimony to the company’s overall value proposition, making it a top-rated choice with a strong product lineup.

Pricing & Value Rating: 5 Stars

Customer support

Phone: 800-531-8722

Website: https://www.usaa.com/

Chat: Chat support is available for registered users

Contact Form: Contact USAA

Mobile App (available for iOS or Android)

Final thoughts

USAA membership is limited to military personnel, veterans, and family members of these groups or family members of existing USAA members. While this means that not everyone can be a member of USAA or purchase their insurance products, the extension of membership eligibility to family members makes the eligible group much larger than might be expected. If you are among those eligible for USAA, this insurance company should be on your shopping list when collecting quotes and comparing rates.

For auto insurance in particular, USAA is among our top picks, with its largest limitations being its lack of physical offices and its restrictions on membership which prevent some customers from taking advantage of the company’s offerings.

Customer satisfaction ratings are exceptional, rates were very competitive in our test quotes, and the policy options offered by USAA reached into a few areas other insurers overlook, such as rideshare coverage and car replacement assistance, which helps to make you financially whole in the event of a total loss.

Overall Rating: 4.67 Stars