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CyberSponse CEO Says Sony Will Lose 'Tens Of Millions' Of Dollars Because Of Its Movie Leaks


From consumer electronics to music to movies, there is nothing that is working in Sony Corp (ADR) (NYSE: SNE) favor. If that wasn’t enough, news broke Monday that hackers have breached Sony’s system and leaked it online.

Joe Loomis, Cybersponse CEO and founder, was on Bloomberg to discuss Sony’s tragedy and who might be behind this hack attack.

"I think the tale is in the facts, when it comes to the coincidence that we have got a movie production company that is releasing a video or movie that's coming out portraying some sort of embarrassing, politically incorrect type of message. You're starting to see a new transformation of the new type of warfare that's coming along now, where you have a foreign country attacking a corporation, where you have a whole different game play going on right now, that you have never seen before […] the facts in the evidence really point to the east on this one," Loomis said.

When asked about what a hacker group can possibly do with all sort of information that it got from attacking Sony, Loomis replied, "They do a lot of dangerous things: They can steal your identity, they can take credit cards out in your name, they can sell it, they can leverage it, they can obviously disclose confidential information that might have legal consequences. They can really make a really rough rear for any individual, where they have that kind of sensitive information."

According to Loomis, the data breach and online piracy of the movies prior to release will cost Sony "tens of millions of dollars."


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