Let's Take A Look At This Weeks Top Performing Sectors 4/28

Using sector-based investment strategies can help you capitalize on changing business cycles. So far this week the Energy Minerals, Finance, Health services, Transportation, and Commercial Services Sectors have all been performing well.

1. The Energy Minerals Sector - Up 17.92% Over 3 Months

The Energy Minerals Sector consists of companies that are in the business of producing or supplying energy. This sector includes a category of stocks that relate to producing or supplying energy

PHX Minerals Inc PHX is up 16.61% this week. PHX Minerals Inc is a natural gas and oil mineral business with a proactive plan to expand its minerals presence throughout the country. Their objective is to manage mineral and leasehold assets in order to maximize value and increase revenue.

2. The Finance Sector- Up 17.43% Over 3 Months

The finance sector consists of firms and institutions that specialize in and provide expert services within the financial industry. This sector mostly consists of banks, finance companies, real estate brokers, insurance companies, and various financial institutions.

Tian Ruixiang HLDGS LTD TIRX is down 67.20% this week. Tian Ruixiang is a insurance company that distributes insurance policies underwritten by Chinese insurance firms to consumers. This company is compensated for their efforts through insurance carrier commissions.

3. The Transportation Sector - Up 14.91% Over 3 Months

The transportation sector consists of companies that focus on the movement of people, goods, and services. Companies that work with airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping, and logistics firms all make up this very important sector.

Mingzhu Logistics Holdings YGMZ is up 20.51% this week. Mingzhu Logistics Holdings utilizes tractors and trailers in order to provide transportation services. Their transportation services are provided from two ports, one in Guangdong and the other in Xinjiang.

4. The Commercial Services Sector - Up 13.69% Over 3 Months

The Commercial Services Sector includes companies that mostly focus on Environmental Services, Commercial Printing and Office Services and Supplies. These services are essential for the companies that operate in an office setting.

Elite Education GRP EEIQ is up 45.29% this week. Elite Education GRP believes in instilling high academic expectations for all of their students. It is their goal to create generations of children who will grow up to be representatives in different communities. 

5. Health Services Sector - Up 11.76% This Week

The Health Services sector comprises businesses that provide medical services, medical equipment, and provide medical insurance. This industry focuses on the coordination of medical goods and services.

Cardiff Oncology CRDF is up 8.98% this week. Cardiff Oncology is a clinical-stage organization dedicated to the creation of novel oncology treatment solutions for cancer patients. Their clinical development services use tumor genomics and biomarker technologies to test patient responses. 

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