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How EV Pickup Trucks Could Solve the Power Outages

How EV Pickup Trucks Could Solve the Power Outages

The recent winter storm and energy outage in Texas left 4 million people without electricity. As many saw their neighbors burning their furniture to stay warm, an undeniable concern for the future became clear — there is a need to reinforce energy diversification.

Technologies associated with renewable energy are becoming essential to reduce greenhouse emissions. In fact, with the latest electric vehicle (EV) market creating a wide range of advantages, pickup trucks can be the following solution for a future energy outage. Here's what you need to know.

Started From the Bottom, Now We're Here

Vehicles can be a source of power as new models are being developed to do more than just provide transportation. A market that once was seen as exclusive and expensive with models like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is now more resourceful, offering new models with wider price points. In fact, companies like Toyota Motor Corp.(OTC: TOYOF), Mitsubishi (OTC: MBFJF), General Motors (NYSE: GM), Daimler AG (OTC: DDAIF), Ford (NYSE: F) and BMW (OTC: BMWYY), among others, are coming out with their versions and different targets in mind.

Companies like Worksport Ltd. (OTC: WKSP) have developed solutions to store energy through solar panels in modular battery packs, for example.

The company took its trailblazer product design of bed tonneaus for pickup trucks and transformed it into the mounting system folding truck bed to store power through its solar panel capabilities — giving birth to TerraVis™.

Worksport as a tonneaus provider is literally in a class by itself. The Terravis brings tonneau covers into a completely new realm.

A Game-Changing Solution

While you drive your car, thanks to solar light, you can store 1.5kWh of energy in up to four batteries that can be kept and transported in the truck's bed for other purposes. As you don't necessarily have to use it to charge your car, it can help you have electricity for other purposes, like when there's an outage and you need power for essential items.

Other companies like Hyundai Motor Company (OTC: HYMTF) are exploring EVs with solar panel roofs. However, the Worksport Terravis was thought to have the existing driver in mind, making it available now for the user who needs it.

What Happened in Texas Might not Stay in Texas

Texas is just an example, but this can happen again and in other places. 

Gas power plants provide 47% of Texas' electricity. Many of those plants and natural gas pipelines can fail in cold conditions.

According to The Guardian, many households also rely on gas for heat. Due to recent competition, prices surged almost 16,000%. Utilities now face massive bills from their gas suppliers — and many are passing the costs to customers in the form of sky-high bills.

Besides the increasing bills, using fossil fuels has a giant climate impact. In Texas, the number of hot days has doubled over the past 40 years, and it could get worst by 2036. Also concerning is the surge in wildfires from the heat and urban flooding due to extreme rainfall. 

Terravis can help to have a sustainable power option. It replies to several market needs like the lack of external charging points from private households and can be cheaper in the long run than a backup energy source that depends on fossil fuels. 

Additionally, this product tries to give control of electricity to the consumer. In an emergency, a utility that can impact everyone's lives should not be an opportunity for others to profit. 

Pickups Reign in Texas, the Empire of the Sun

As Texas copes with extreme weather challenges linked to the climate crisis, renewable energy is a key policy goal of the new U.S. administration.

Besides, pickup trucks help merchants, farmers and outdoors enthusiasts, among others. They have the power to store, haul and look good while doing so. So why is this relevant to renewable energy? Well, texas has approximately 4.2 million pickup trucks; it is a state known for farming and where consumers prefer these vehicle models.

Bottom Line

Companies are becoming increasingly focused on developing solutions for a greener future. And solutions like Terravis provide the market with something that can bring a positive outcome to the consumer.

In the end, after you burn your furniture, you could have something else to keep you warm.

The preceding article is from one of our external contributors. It does not represent the opinion of Benzinga and has not been edited.


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