All The Stocks In A Hot New Sector: Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging stocks have gotten a lot of attention in 2020 due to the product's potential role in detecting people who may be infected with COVID-19. These devices are playing a role in allowing companies to safely reopen businesses as the economy recovers, but thermal imaging also has a wide range of other applications that could generate some big long-term gains for investors., Inc AMZN is already using thermal imaging devices in its warehouses and Whole Foods stores. General Motors Company GM and Wynn Resorts, Limited WYNN have also said they will be using the cameras.

In addition to identifying people who may be sick, thermal cameras can be used for safety and maintenance at both a business or a home.

Thermal cameras can identify potential heating and cooling issues, problems with wiring, circuit boxes or other electrical systems and even potential issues with plumbing. The cameras can also be used for security or to monitor animal health.

The Thermal Imaging Stocks

Shares of companies exposed to the thermal imaging business have been extremely volatile in 2020.

Thermal camera maker FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR has said use of its cameras can help “reduce or dramatically slow the spread of viruses and infections.” The stock is up 25.5% in the past three months.

Remark Holdings Inc MARK has said its thermal imaging products can be used to “scan high traffic areas to detect individuals with higher than acceptable skin temperature.” The stock is up 408.7% year-to-date.

In April, Creative Realities Inc CREX launched a new product, the Thermal Mirror, which the company describes as “an AI-integrated non-contact temperature inspection station.” The stock has rallied 98% year-to-date.

Identiv Inc INVE shares rallied more than 15% after the company announced a patch for tracking body temperature that it says is the “most practical, scalable way” to reopen theme parks and stadiums. The stock is up 28% in the past month alone.

Benzinga’s Take

Given the massive potential demand for these types of thermal imaging devices, there may ultimately be room for multiple winners in the space. Investors should monitor which methods and products become the standard approach to safety in coming weeks, given that there will likely be plenty of methods tested in the early days of the reopening.

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